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I’ve Seen My Future Self…And No, I’m Not My Mom

At the grocery store, I saw an older gentleman loading his items onto the belt for the cashier. Why exactly did this catch my eye?

Because he unloaded about six boxes of Pop-Tarts from his cart.

Not one box. Not two boxes. Six boxes. At least. There may have been more. I didn’t want to drool stare too long.

That will be me in 30 years. I hope.

Kiefer should count himself lucky that he found me before that elderly gentleman.

Speaking of Pop-Tarts…Scout’s birthday came and went. This is how we kicked it off: Birthday Cake Pop-Tarts.

Birthday PopTarts1BirthdayPopTarts2

Of course, we did cupcakes and frozen yogurt that weekend, too. More pics to come!

The Best Birthday Present Ever

My birthday was June 20. I know what you’re thinking…

  1. Oh my gosh! I missed Thoughtsy’s birthday. I should send her a gift plus extra Pop-Tarts.
  2. Uh…yeah…That was months ago. Who the hell cares?

Anyone who thought #2…you’re about to feel like a jerk. Just sayin’.

June 16: Oh man! If the crimson tide doesn’t roll in soon, I’m gonna be all icky at the beach next weekend.

June 17: Come on, come on.

June 18: Hmmm….

June 19 4:00 AM: I should totally wait to take this pregnancy test until tomorrow. That would be the best birthday present ever! Unless it came back negative. Then my entire birthday would be clouded in single-pink-line negativity.

June 19 4:07 AM:


Let’s keep this on the downlow, shall we? The beauty of blogging semianonymously is most of you don’t know who I am, so I can tell you EVERYTHING.

But for those of you that do know me, Kiefer and I really want to tell his parents in person when they visit in a couple weeks, so Shhhhhhh!

Favorite Comments From Last Post:

  • “Hamper with a lid is a must with dogs in the house. Mine used to steal undies, dirty or clean. Thongs aren’t so cute when hidden around your back yard like little poopy Easter eggs. Also, the word thong and poopy should NEVER be used in the same sentence.”—Quickstepp
  • “I always hang my bras on the backs of the doors and the little kitty thinks they are there for her enjoyment. The big kitty (aka Norma Jean) is obsessed with the bathroom. Not bras. But! when she tries to run into the master bath really fast before you close the door behind you, sometimes she gets caught in the bra strap and it snaps her backward like a kitty boobie trap (sorry about the bad pun).”—SugarDishMe

You Look Like a Monkey and Smell Like One Too

So I had a completely different post scheduled for today, but when I came into the office, I had to change it up because my coworkers rock so hard.




My very own ice cream and toppings bar!

Behold my breakfast, lunch, and dinner today.

Favorite Comment from Last Post: “‘Because after hiking 8.6 miles, you can eat whatever you want without feeling guilty.’That’s true. But sometimes I apply that theory to walking out to the mailbox.”—The Cutter