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What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate

After I read The Hot Zone, I shared my newfound Ebola knowledge with Kiefer, also known as Mr. I-Go-To-Africa-All-The-Flippin’-Time.

(I’m fine, by the way. Turns out I don’t have Ebola. Phew. Thanks for asking.)

I spared him the Ebola symptoms and just said, “It’s bad, dude. Real bad.” And then I gave him specific locations in Africa to avoid.

  • Kitum Cave (contains Ebola and Marburg viruses)
  • Ebola River (It’s called “Ebola River” for a reason.)
  • AIDS Highway (Again, self explanatory.)

You know where in Africa Kiefer is going?

Right there. See where it says AIDS Highway, Ebola River, and Kitum Cave? (I circled them for you.) He’ll be in that area.


The WTF and arrow is pointing to Isle of Plagues. He might as well go there, too. Or maybe it says Isle of Plaques. Either way it doesn’t sound good.

Nobody ever listens to anything I have to say. It’s like I’m talking to myself. Hello? Hello?