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Why Yes, I Am Sandra Bullock

On my way home from Greece, I had a layover in Munich. While I was at the airport, a lady approached me and asked to sit down. She was very sweet, but she may have also been crazy.

Lady: Is anyone sitting here?

Me: No. Please sit down.

Lady: Thank you. I thought you were Miss Congeniality.

Me: I’m sorry?

Lady: What’s her name?

Me: Sandra Bullock?

Lady: Yes! I thought you were her.

The only thing Sandra Bullock and I have in common is long dark hair. Period.

Actually…I do look a little like Sandra Bullock in this picture.

Me: Thanks! I’ll take that as a compliment.

Lady: Or Jennifer Aniston. You look like her, too.

At this point, I slid all my bags closer to me because I was sure she was trying to distract me while someone stole my stuff. No one did, so I’ve come to these conclusions:

  1. I look old. Aniston and Bullock both have over 10 years on me.
  2. That lady needs her eyes checked.
  3. That lady hasn’t seen either actress in a very long time.

Have you ever been mistaken for someone famous?

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “You ate baklava without me? Are you trying to kill me?!”—Sarah9188

Are You Trying to Kill Me?

Right before I left for Greece, my coworker Ddot relayed a crazy pregnancy story about his wife.

When she was pregnant, she spent a lot of time on bedrest. One time while she was upstairs, she called downstairs to Ddot because she was hungry.

Ddot: I just finished up the dishes. Want me to bring up some of the ham we had yesterday?

Ddot’s Wife: Are you trying to kill me? ::begins crying::

Hormones are crazy things. While he comforted his wife, he asked her what she wanted instead. Her answer: a Whopper…with cheese.

I found the story hilarious and relayed it to Kiefer…and it became the tagline for our entire Greece trip.

  • We ordered shrimp…which came with the heads on them. ::shudder:: I said, “Are you trying to kill me?”
  • We ate frozen yogurt. Greek frozen yogurt does not taste like American frozen yogurt. Kiefer said, “Are you trying to kill me?”
  • An hour later, I wanted a popsicle. Kiefer said,  “Are you trying to kill me?” Amateur….
  • The day after I arrived I slept from 8 AM to 1 PM when Kiefer finally made me get up to go to the Acroplis. I said, “Are you trying to kill me?”
  • The stones at the Acropolis are very slippery. Kiefer was definitely trying to kill me.

  • Kiefer made plans to stay on the island of Milos…which meant a 4-hour ferry ride. I get motion sickness, so I said, “Are you trying to kill me?” Death by puking.
  • When a little girl hounded us to buy a fan from her and my polite declines didn’t deter her, Kiefer scolded her in Russian. The look in her eyes said, “Are you trying to kill me?”

We spent our time in Athens and on the island of Milos. And I learned a lot, such as…

  • The correct pronunciation of Greek for “please” and “thank you.”
  • You can’t take pictures in the Acropolis Museum. Oops.
A photo Misty-style.

A photo Misty-style.

  • Baklava has nuts in it; therefore, it counts as a protein. I ate a lot of protein.

#25 on my 35 Before 35 List completed!

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I saw Home Alone as an in-flight movie once. When it was over, a kid got up and very carefully arranged a bunch of little toy cars in the plane aisle.”—Laura

Guess Who’s Back…Back From Greece

I just returned from Greece last night, so while I’m reacquainting myself with East Coast time, here’s the conversation Kiefer and I had the day I left for Greece. I’d never flown out of the country before, so I was really nervous.

Thoughtsy: Do I need to convert some money? What am I going to do while you’re working? What are we going to do while you’re not working? I am totally unprepared.

Kiefer: They take Euros here.

Thoughtsy: Soooooo…I do need to convert money?

Kiefer: I’ll give you money. And I’ve already set up a tour of the city for you because I don’t want you wandering around alone. And if you’re too tired, you can hang out by the pool or get a massage. I work one day, and then I have everything else planned out.

Thoughtsy:  You planned? ::whispers:: Pod person….

Kiefer: ::after giving me detailed instructions and confirming that he’ll pick me up from the Athens airport:: So I’ll see you in less than 24 hours. I love you. Have a good flight!

Thoughtsy: I love you, too.

Kiefer: ::pause:: You didn’t hang up, did you?

Thoughtsy: No.

Kiefer: You’re really nervous, aren’t you?

Thoughtsy: Are you sure you can’t just fly back here to the States really quickly, and then we can take my first international flight together?

Kiefer: You’re going to be fine. And you’re flying through London…where you speak the language.

Thoughtsy: But sometimes the Cockney throws me off.

Kiefer: You’re a dork. Call me if you have any problems.

Thoughtsy: What if I have a problem on the plane?

Kiefer: That’s what flight attendants are for.

Thoughtsy: Jerk….

Kiefer: You’ll be fine. You’re stronger than you think. I love you. Bye!

Thoughtsy: I love you, too.

::pause and then texting::

I can’t believe you hung up.

How Zeus and I Will Become Besties

The first thing on my 35 Before 35 List is “Learn a new language.” In addition to American Sign Language, I’ve been learning Greek.

 Why Greek? Because…

  1. I want to communicate with Zeus, Aphrodite, Hera—all the major gods and goddesses. I will be the next Bulfinch.
  2. I saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Those people are fun.
  3. It looks like this:

And last but not least, because I’m going there to meet Kiefer…right now.

See you in a week!

Airplane Safety: I Didn’t Need to Know That

I’ve been spending a lot of time on planes lately. And I hate it. All of it.

I hate…

  • Being crammed next to complete strangers.
  • Losing all feeling in my butt.
  • Standing in all of the lines. That’s all airports are. Lots and lots of lines.
  • Paying an arm and a leg for a pack of gum.
  • Imagining monsters on the wing of the plane….


As if that’s not bad enough…there’s also that whole plane crashing thing.

Sometimes I fly into Reagan National Airport. And I recently read this:

Pilots flying into Reagan National Airport have to dodge several no-fly zones located over our nation’s capital just to land. Most of central Washington is prohibited airspace up to 18,000 feet, so pilots are forced to follow the Potomac River in the “River Visual” approach, according to the FAA. While following the Potomac River pilots have to perform a 30- to 40-degree turn while close to the river to line up with the runway. This maneuver is what has caused some to place the airport on their scariest airports lists.


After I finished my cupcake answered Kiefer’s proposal, we stopped by a park near Reagan where we watched the planes land. It was scary stuff.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “…You should have your guests toss sprinkles at the wedding exit.”—Angelia Sims