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#11. Send a Message in a Bottle

Since the Florida Keys trip didn’t go exactly as planned, I missed out on some fun activities.

Like snorkeling. Swimming with the fishes (literally, not in the mafia way) in the clear blue waters will have to wait for a future trip.

I swimsuited and snorkeled up and tried to snorkel in the bathtub at home, and I even threw in some of Radley’s toys for wildlife, but it just wasn’t the same.

I also missed my opportunity to meet a blogger in Key West. Oma from Blurt (my long-lost father who I was stolen from at birth) was on his Keys vacation while I was down there.

What are the chances? So we planned to meet.

Only I wasn’t feeling well the day we were supposed to meet, so I couldn’t make it.

Instead, I sent him this beachy-themed letter instead:


The waters in the Keys are surprisingly accurate…and fast.

Ok, ok, ok. I mailed it. #11 on my 35 Before 35 completed!

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Everyone keeps asking what I did for NYE and my answer is, ‘nothing.’ Then they ask why and my answer is, ’cause I hate people.’ Makes me seem like a doll.”—Lorraine

A Chicken in Every Pot…A Pop-Tart in Every Toaster

It’s nearly election day. You haven’t read anything political on this blog because I don’t really follow what’s going on.

Which is why you should vote for me, Thoughtsy Appear, in your write-in vote. Lorraine will be my running mate.

I promise you…

  • A chicken in every pot.
  • A car in every garage.
  • A Pop-Tart in every toaster.
  • Ice cream in every freezer.

And a Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Plan. I can’t believe this topic didn’t come up in the debates.

Also, people keep talking about a bacon shortage. What about a potential chocolate shortage? Why isn’t anyone worried about that?

In addition to a Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Plan, we’ll need a Chocolate-Shortage Readiness Plan as well. These will be my first orders of business.

Remember…a vote for me is a vote for chocolate.

Haaaaave you met Chase? He has like a bazillion kids, but they’re all cute so it’s ok.

I Won the Pumpkin Battle

They had me outnumbered….

But I triumphed.

The Awards I’ve Been Stockpiling

I know what some of you are thinking. It’s something along the lines of this:

WTF, Thoughtsy. I gave you an award months ago, and you haven’t posted it. Oh, Homework, Thoughtsy, I hate you. You stink. I wish I could wash you away in the sink….

Here’s where I post all of the awards at the same time and break all the rules about telling you 7 things about myself. 

For the last award, I told you what kind of cheese I liked.


If you really want to know 7 things about me, ask me a question in the comments. Or go read 7 posts. Do a little leg work. I can’t spoonfeed and spoil you for the rest of your life.

Despite my half-ass participation, I do want to thank everyone who passed along an award to me. I love you! Your Pop-Tarts are in the mail.

And I’m passing the awards along to anyone who’s having a bad day. May one of these awards cheer you up!