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A Guest Post From My Blog Wife

I’d like to introduce you to my blog wife, Mrs. Amy Thoughts Appear. Or is it Ms.? Or Amy Fix-It-Or-Deal-Appear? Craaaaap. We didn’t discuss how Amy felt about changing her name. Or maybe I should change my name? Let’s just stick with Amy at Fix It or Deal. I can’t tell you how happy I was […]

Terrifying or Tantalizing?

David Zincenko called me fat. True story. You can read about it right here: 6 Terrifying Theme Park Foods. He said if I continue to eat the way I do, I will develop a “freak-show-worthy belly.” And how does he know this? Because of the way I eat at amusement parks. One day a year will […]

This Means War…Or Food Fight

So it’s been awhile since David Zincenko and I have had a spat. But now he brought out the big guns. He dropped the mother of all bombs with his 7 Worst Supermarket Breakfasts. Worst Breakfast Pastry: Chocolate Chip Pop-Tarts Oh no he did-n’t. His opening argument: Since when has it been acceptable to eat […]

Halloween All Week Long

Me: Halloween begins today. You: Today? Me: Today.  You: But it’s only the 26th, stupid-head. I bet you haven’t even finished watching the Friday the 13th movies. First off, you’re the stupid-head!  Second, you’re right; I’m still watching the Jason movies. Netflix and the U.S. Postal Service are slowing me down. I just watched Part […]

The Strawberry Cheesecake Sex Pancakes

David Zincenko reads my blog. I’m sure of it. Why? Because he just dissed the IHOP New York Cheesecake Pancakes. Also known as Sex on a Plate by Lorraine at Late to the Party. Next thing you know they’ll be serving breakfast with big scoops of ice cream and chocolate syrup. And what’s so wrong with that? Labor […]