My Dog Ate Your Bird. Oops.

Last week I blogged about the downside to being a stay-at-home mom, which is killing bugs yourself instead of having your husband do it.

There is another downside: dealing with birds.

Ozzy Pups caught a bird in our backyard. It was only a matter of time before this happened.* He’s fast, jumps high, and our neighbors feed all the birds and squirrels constantly so they’re fat and slow.

*Ozzy may have killed a squirrel last summer, but because I didn’t actually see it happen, I just tell myself the squirrel fell from a tree, the fall killed it, and Ozzy just found him.

A wounded, bleeding bird was in my backyard.

I swear the bird looked exactly like this. Book and all.

I should have celebrated and chalked up a point for me in the war against birds, but instead, I felt bad for it.

So what did I do?

I called Kiefer so he could come home and kill it.*

*To put it out of its misery, not because I hate birds.

He refused. So I gave the bird some water and kept Ozzy inside to save the bird from further torment.

Two hours later, the bird flew away.

*I’m not sure how because I’m pretty sure there were more feathers in the yard than on the bird.

Three hours later, my car was covered in bird poo. Coincidence? I think not.

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14 responses to “My Dog Ate Your Bird. Oops.

  • runtspickins

    LOL! One of our dogs that I had growing up would sneak up on birds in the back yard… and catch them with his mouth.

  • mistyslaws

    Keifer wouldn’t come home to kill it? But, but . . . that’s the husband’s duty! Fail. Although, I guess it was good news for the bird. Bad news for your poor car, though.

  • ComaDiary

    I’ll have a pop tart.

    My cat used to bring birds in, I’d always try to rescue them, as they were always little starlings and robins, but once I had to drop a brick on a blue tits head, to put it out it’s misery, it was going nowhere.

    My cats did once bring me a pigeon, I was impressed.

    The cats is now dead though, so thats a shame.

  • pegoleg

    It has been unseasonably hot out. The bird probably just lay down for a rest, moulted some feathers to cool off, then flew away when he felt better.

  • tinkerbelle86

    Ha! My cats used to do the very same, but they used to do it in the neighbours yard rather than mine. Outwardly I was very annoyed with them, but internally it wasa high five to the kittens as the neighbours were awful 🙂

  • Shannon

    Oh the joys of presents from pets. My pup likes to tear up my soccer ball, and then plops all the torn rubber from the inside air pockets into my lap, covered with slobber. He is good at killing bugs though. I hope that the bird you saved wasn’t the same that pooped on your car. (:

  • Lynn

    So funny! Our cat used to wreak havoc on all of the baby bunnies in our neighbourhood, systematically wiping out whole generations! He brought one home one day, my daughter & I thought it was dead & were ready to bury the poor thing. My husband took a look at it, was convinced that it was not dead, thereby convincing us to just leave it alone. He laid it in a bucket so that nothing else could get at & sure enough, it came back to life!!!

    The cat is no longer alive. Our neighbourhood is over run with bunnies…Again…coincidence? I think not!

  • Kara

    My dog manages to find and kill mice. Great because I’m allergic to cats and could never have a “mouser,” bad because he prances around the yard doing victory laps and you can’t get the mouse away from him to trash it.

  • Sue

    I’m okay with birds themselves. I’m NOT okay, not by a long shot, with the morons who choose to ruin a lovely day at the park for all by feeding. the. birds. So yeah, my war would be with your neighbors. LOL.

  • Holly

    Birds can be resilient. Hubby hit one with the car once and it was still in the middle of the road… So I took it home to dad, the bird lover in my life. It barely moved for half an hour… Then took flight around the house. Oops. I like to think it lead a long life after that 😉

  • Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd

    Luckily our dog that chases things is terribly inept at it and wouldn’t know what to do if he caught anything. The other likes to only eat already dead things. We’re so lucky and blessed!

  • Cassandra

    Our cats used to chase mice into our room in the middle of the night and then just look at us like it was our job to finish them off.

  • Angelia Sims

    I’m sure the dumb bird thought the dog drove the car. I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. It’s an honest mistake for a dumb bird. 🙂

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