The Girl Who Cried “Pickle Juice!”

Last week I posted about my plan to kick Kiefer’s procrastinating butt into gear with Operation Pickle Juice.

I’m happy to report Operation PJ is complete.

I had forgotten all about Operation PJ until I was standing in the kitchen, and a contraction tightened and turned my stomach into an overinflated basketball.

Thoughtsy: Geez. What did that book say to do to make contractions go away?

Kiefer: Sit down! You’ve been on your feet too much.

Sitting down and taking breaks during pregnancy has been difficult for me. So as I sat there waiting for the contraction to pass, my mind looked for something to do.

Operation Pickle Juice!

So I splashed some water on my crotch, threw some pickle juice on the floor, and… began to chicken out.

  • What if Kiefer just thought I peed myself?
  • All I could smell was pickle juice. He’d be onto me within a few feet of the kitchen.
  • How would I keep a straight face?

Man up! I told myself.

Thoughtsy: Uh…Kiefer? I need you to come here.

It was the “need” that got his attention. He rounded the corner, looked at my wet pants, and said…

Kiefer: Is your water leaking?

Thoughtsy: ::dramatic pause with look of terror:: 

…Just kidding! It’s ok. It’s water and pickle juice.

Kiefer: Phew! Oh…you’re in so much trouble.

Thoughtsy: I love you?

Kiefer: How long have you been planning this?

Thoughtsy: Like a week.

Kiefer: You mean it was premeditated? Big trouble….

Thoughtsy: I love you a lot?

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Is it me, or is there actually ‘shark peen’ on display in that picture?”—Bluzdude

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