Sharknado! aka Beverly Hills 90210

With all the cold weather we’ve had, I decided to watch a movie that would make me think warm thoughts. And what would warm me up better than a beach movie?

So I watched Sharknado.

This movie raised a couple questions:

  • Why wasn’t this movie titled or subtitled A Grownup Steve Sanders Returns to His Old Stomping Grounds?
  • Will we now change the expression “raining cats and dogs” to “raining sharks?”

An umbrella isn’t helpful in this situation.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Cutting your legs shaving looks exactly like a shark bite.
  • Nothing gets people out of a bar faster than a shark through a window.
  • A bar stool is an excellent weapon—don’t underestimate it.
  • Always carry a chainsaw. If a shark eats you, you can saw your way out of it’s tummy.

Most importantly, I learned that Finding Nemo’s “Fish are friends, not food” is all a lie. Sharks eat everything.

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