Et Tu, Boo-te?

Two weeks ago I received my first unsolicited tummy touch.

It was from Boo, my oldest stepson.

At least it wasn’t a complete stranger.

Boo: Heeeey…I can actually see your tummy now. ::pat, pat::

This is the beginning of the end….

I think I’m ok with people I know touching the tummy. But I really hope strangers don’t start doing it.

Any tummy touching stories to share?

In case you missed it, The Cannibalistic Nerd had her baby…and she narrowly escaped shaving her head. Win, win!

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “They understand in their animal way that there is a strange force about to erupt from your uterus and rock their worlds. They’ve decided that there’s strength in numbers maybe.”—Donofalltrades

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