What Should I Put on My Baby Registry?

Recently, I started registering for baby stuff.

Because most of our friends had children a long time ago, we can’t borrow their gently used stuff. We need EVERYTHING.

So I registered at Babies R’ Us and Target, and started clicking “Add to Registry” like a madwoman.

Thoughtsy: Awww…look at this onesie! Cutest onesie ever. Add to Registry! Oh…I was mistaken. This is the cutest onesie ever! Added! And look at this little hat. The baby needs it! Added!

Eventually, I realized maybe I should register for necessities…like diapers and bottles.


If I register for everything the websites say I need to, my registries will be a gazillion pages long.

And there are so many choices.

  • Desitin or Butt Paste?
  • Huggies or Pampers?
  • Dr. Brown’s or Avent bottles?
  • Feet PJs or Nonfeet PJs?

What do I do? What do I need? What do I not need?

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40 responses to “What Should I Put on My Baby Registry?

  • mistyslaws

    Ok, here’s the thing . . . do not register for clothing, diapers, wipes or butt paste. You will get that stuff. Also . . . a billion blankets. TRUST ME. You don’t need to ask for any of that.

    Basically, figure out what types/styles of things you need such as stroller, high chair, bottles, car seat, bedding, diaper genie, etc. The big things. Make sure they are all covered. Then, go back and add accessories for the baby’s room (that go with that bedding you picked), and other smaller, more affordable things that people (who aren’t family or aren’t pitching in together) can buy for a shower. Then, excpect to have to buy a bunch of it yourself. It’s really a wish list, and also keeps you organized for what you want/need, and what you will need to get after the shower.

    Also, note that you will not need a high chair for about 4-6 months AFTER the kid is born, and possibly not too many bottles (depending on your plans), so those are things you could possibly wait on.

    Thus ends this book full of advice!! 😉

  • uniquelymeme

    Think of the stuff that will be easy for you to have handy at all times. Like you said diapers, bottles, pacifiers, onesies, wipes and a diaper bag. Clothes are good to have but everything else is more what you will use on the daily basis. People will get clothes automatically. I think…

  • Just Me With . . .

    I agree with the above comment, pick out the big ones like car seats (get two if possible if you are a two car home), stroller, crib, bassinet, portacrib, so that people can pitch in and get those things for you. Smaller, easy to buy items like baby monitors, diaper bags, etc. are good, too. I’ve had a lot of babies and now whenever I get an invitation to a baby shower or someone I know is having a baby, I only buy hooded towels. You can never have too many hooded towels and people forget to buy them. It’s also nice when people bring diapers after the baby is born. I agree that I wouldn’t register for clothes. I was a breastfeeding mom but I know that some babies take to certain bottles/nipples more than others so you might not want to load up on bottles yet because you don’t know what will work best. Also, whether or not you are nursing, a nursing pillow is nice for you because it gives support while you’re holding the baby, also a boppie (sp?). Some babies like baby slings, some don’t. I wouldn’t ask for one yet. So yeah, get the big stuff, including a comfortable chair for YOU! You’ll get the little cute stuff along the way. Oh, and also extra crib sheets or bassinet sheets. Also, as a personal request, find some classical or jazz instrumental music to play for your baby while sleeping or other times. You don’t have to buy videos or prepackaged “baby Mozart” of any of that stuff marketed and dumbed down for babies. Avoid that stuff. I have found that babies really respond to melodic, yet complex music. Mozart Piano Concertos in full. So you might need an iPod doc for the baby’s room. People love to give advice when you’re expecting and once you have a baby.

  • lauralord

    People will buy the baby clothing…it’s the easy go to item. You’ll also probably get that one awesome person at your baby shower who brings you an entire basket full of baby meds: thermometer, butt paste, infant tylenol, etc etc etc.

    I’m doing the baby registry thing, too right now. You do not need a bassinet, crib, and co-sleeper. I used the bassinet I had with my first two for a whopping two weeks and then right to the crib. I’m skipping it entirely this time. I never used a co-sleeper. I found it was better for me to actually get up and get baby. That’s depends on you. You’re going to want a portable playpen, the kind with the bassinet thing on it or whatever, because it is just so much easier to haul that around for baby to sleep/play/lie around in. Assuming anyone let’s her/him down.

  • bevchen

    Umm… I have no idea, but once you figure out what’s good let me know so I can actually buy something useful the next time one of my friends has a baby 😉

  • The Cutter

    It doesn’t matter what you register for. People will buy you the “cute stuff” and you’ll end up with a million newborn size outfits which will get worn maybe once. The stuff you really need will be purchased during one of your million trips to the local baby superstore after the birth.

  • AbsentElemental

    The obvious answer is Pop Tarts, however I think the practical answer is a Bumbo seat. I have a 3-month-old niece whose parents sing the Bumbo seat’s praises every day.

  • ceruleanstarshine

    Boppy, Bumbo seat, cloth diapers (for wiping up messes, burp rags, whatever, they rock) and the bigger stuff.
    HIgh chairs you can get later–aim for strollers, car seats, and for us, the most valuable thing we had was a snuggli for when she was small and a backpack for when she got bigger–that was the ONLY way/time we could get her to sleep.
    Swings are cool too if you have the space.

  • Hippie Cahier

    Maybe register for both options and if you find that you don’t like Huggies, for example, either return for Pampers or, if you receive much more than your space can hold, or, if Scout is like Maverick and weighs in at almost 11 pounds and the diapers are too small, donate to a shelter for women and children.


  • bluzdude

    I say think big, and register for a year of college tuition.

  • The Waiting

    OK, so these are my absolute FAVORITE kinds of posts of all time because I get to act like I know things about babies and what you need for them, when in actuality I am just as confused as you are. But that’s never stopped me before so here’s my advice. Don’t register for clothes or blankets because people will automatically give you so much stuff that your little pop tart probably won’t even get a chance to wear all of it. Plus, the big stores cycle through clothes and textiles so quickly that by the time people actually go to shop for your shower, the things you chose may not even be available anymore. (I learned this the hard way.) Register for the big things. A breast pump, a variety of different brands of bottles, a nursing pillow (even if you don’t plan to nurse, you can use it for many other things), a baby swing (INTEGRAL; I would not have survived the first nine months without mine.)

    In case I have not already scared you enough with my overly-excited response to this post, I am also going to link drop because I am classy. I have written on this topic before, so maybe this post will help you get an idea what you’re in for ;D


  • runtspickins

    I’m a total newbie as I am pregnant with my first little one, but my SIL had a little girl just last year and she was a HUGE help to me! I know this is super hard to do – but don’t even both registering for clothes. Seriously. That’s just a give-in and it takes up twenty pages on it’s own and who’s going to want to look through a twenty page registry, right? Also, there usually aren’t pictures of the clothes on the registry and that makes looking at a paper registry super hard. No one wants to look something up by a sku number. My SIL used Aquaphor and she said it was the absolute best, so that’s what I’m sticking with. Desitin is supposed to be a “classic” that works well though. Huggies are really nice but they’re SO expensive. I am going with Pampers and/or Luvs. If you have a BJ’s wholesale in your area you can get Luvs at a great price! I actually registered for Dr. Brown’s and Avent. I think you should definitely register for at least two kinds of bottles because you don’t know what your baby will take. Also, register for the smaller packs of bottles as well as the gift sets. Open the smaller packs first and see how your baby does. That way if s/he doesn’t take to that particular bottle you can still return the gift set box and you don’t have a bunch of bottles that you can’t use. I think footie sleepers are better but there are always socks if you get a bunch of non-footie sleepers. Some other things – even if you’re buying yourself the crib and/or bedding set put it on your registry – people are visual and like to get an idea of the nursery theme. That way if they spot something while they’re out and about (somewhere at a store other than where you registered) they will have an idea if it’s something you’d like for the room. Also, register for all three of your car seats! If someone was going in to get you your infant car seat and realized someone else beat them to it, they’ll probably get you the next car seat up. Also, if you think you want something but you’re not sure, still put it on your registry. Having the item on your registry extends your return policy time to 12 months (at Babies R Us) anyway. Also, the decorative burp cloths are super cute but honestly, the plain white cloth diapers are an excellent idea. They are meant to be absorbent and they’re not very expensive. A wipes warmer is really not necessary, at all. It’s kind of silly. A bottle sanitizer and bottle warmers are also not necessary. Boiling your bottles and nipples in a pot of hot water is actually what your doctor tells you to do so why waste your money on a special sanitizer. Some doctor’s even say running them through the dishwasher will do the trick. As for a bottle warmer, just stick the bottle in some hot water – rather than microwave – sure, it will take a few minutes but so will heating up a bottle warmer. Good luck!

  • brickhousechick

    I agree with Misty. Register for the big ticket items, people like to go in on those together. How fun!

  • Linda Medrano

    Fiddle dee dee! You’ve given me the best idea of all. I am registering for Christmas this year. Prada (pumps, size 8), Gucci (French purse), Armani (butter yellow leather jacket), La Perla (unmentionables)! Thanks Thoughtsy!

  • Brittany

    Vodka, you need lots and lots of vodka.

  • sarah9188

    I really need to start buying butt paste for every baby shower I go to; I’m so insensitive. 😉 Though my mom swears by Mylanta as great for diaper rash. Go figure.

    Anyway, I’m not a mom so I have no idea. What Misty said.

  • Don't Quote Lily

    Agree with Misty! Definitely register for big (expensive) things, and don’t worry about clothes. From what I’ve seen, eople always get clothes anyway as side gifts, or from people who don’t bother with registries, etc. I always thought setting up a registry would be fun but I’m feeling a bit stressed for you too!

  • kimpugliano

    Boppy pillow. Even two. Best invention ever because it plays a lot of roles. And there are so many cute covers for them!

  • franhunne4u

    If your friends have already been through this, they might know what is needed and won’t even need your list.

  • munchybabygoose

    This is all fascinating, we don’t have registries or baby showers here in UK! You take pot luck with random gifts! My Bumbo chair was one of the most useful things i had (bought myself).
    But wherever it comes from, you’re guaranteed to receive/buy far more stuff than you’ll ever need. So going ‘gender neutral’ with big items at least doubles the chance of using them again for baby number 2 🙂
    And if something remains un-bought on your registry after baby arrives, did I hear right that you get a discount on it? If so, it’s worth putting on the expensive things you might be planning to buy yourselves!

  • Aussa Lorens

    I don’t have kids, but I have attended a million baby showers. I recall helping a friend clear out an entire drawer in her closet to store the 50 boxes of baby Q-tips she had received. Her kid is 3 and I’m pretty sure he will be receiving one of those remaining boxes as a high school graduation gift.

  • She's a Maineiac

    Misty said it all for me. Two words: BOUNCY CHAIR. Saved my life, yes indeed (one of my babies had bad colic)

    Also, the blankets you’ll receive are ridiculous (that’s why they’re called ‘receiving blankets’…) Burping cloth, I had a TON of those (and needed them)

    The one item I got that was worthless to me was the diaper wipe warmer. Just not necessary. But butt paste? Good stuff.

    • Barb

      Man, I loved that wipe warmer in the winter. Slapping that icy wipe on a kid’s bottom made him squeal…and then both of us were awake. I considered anything wonderful if it got me back to sleep faster without a long ride in the car to get the little cutie-pie back to sleep.

  • susielindau

    Disposable diapers and a stinkless pail. I tried the cloth with both kids and after hideous diaper rashes gave up and went disposable. Don’t tell my granola Boulder friends…

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    We registered about a week before the little guy was born. Bad idea to wait so long! We threw stuff on there we didn’t think we’d possible get–crib, bassinet, car seat, gliding chair–but we ended up getting those and the other things that ended up proving endlessly useful: baby tub, diapers, diaper bags, swaddling blankets, pacifiers, pump. I holed myself up in the house for six weeks before daring to venture outside. This time, I consider a sling a necessity from day one. It makes chores and soothing walks sooooo much easier!

  • Meredith

    Always feet PJs. At all ages. Target has them in what is essentially an adult small.

  • PinotNinja

    You know what you should register for at Target? Beer, pop-tarts, and trashy magazines, because, you my friend, are going to need something to get you through recovering from pushing that adorable little watermelon out of your cooch and the trauma that is feeding a constantly hungry infant.

  • honeydidyouseethat?

    Just found your blog. What the Hell, don’t take any chances, click on everything. 🙂

  • Kitten Thunder's Girl

    I will read all these comments as well, for when we need to know.

    But first, I direct you to my Pinterest board that has good articles and resources I’ve been pinning since my biological ALARM ALARM ALARM CLOCK started going off.

  • Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd

    I saw Misty’s comment – she’s right about the blankets! My baby will have enough blankets to built a luxury fort – so don’t register for any!

    I would say from my shower it was about 30% registry and 70% non-registry clothes. I registered at Babies R Us and on Amazon, which has a lot of things that Target and BRU don’t have and is really convenient, too.

  • Svannah

    Don’t pick out a bedding set. You don’t need that stuff. Just buy sheets. It saves money. You won’t be using the comforter since babies can’t have blankets in the crib. You can use a bumper but there are studies that show they can cause SIDS. I choose to skip it and everything has been handy dandy. My baby is 11 months old today. She is my first. I was like you when I first started. Believe me, you don’t need everything they say.

    You want swaddle blankets. These are different then receiving blankets. If someone will get it, you will want a MamaRoo by 4Moms. It’s so awesome. I wish we had one but a regular vibrating bouncy seat will work too. It’s a lifesaver! Lots of burp rags!! Don’t forget that. The best kind are the gerber cloth prefolds. Cheap!

    Other than that, a pack and play, nursery furniture, cloth diapers if you head that route. Bumgenius and Fuzzibums are good. Bottles are so hard to pick out but register for a few different brands you don’t know what baby will take. A breast pump. Don’t bother with a high chair until around 4 months of age….it’s not needed yet.

    Oh don’t forget a diaper genie if you use disposables.

    Hope this helps!

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