The Baby Likes Tricks, Not Treats

I get ultrasounds every 2 weeks. After suffering two miscarriages, each ultrasound makes me feel better about the baby growing stronger every day.

Except sometimes the ultrasounds show us scary stuff. Stuff that other people don’t see.

First, I had a subchorionic bleed. It finally went away.

Then the placenta was covering my cervix. It eventually moved.

But the 16-week ultrasound…that was the worst.

Specialist: Did you have some bleeding during this pregnancy?

Thoughtsy: Yes. Twice.

Specialist: There is blood in the baby’s intestines. It could mean the baby swallowed some of the blood. That’s pretty common, and it’s not a problem.

Or you and the baby have some type of infection. Or that the baby has cystic fibrosis. We’re going to run tests for all of that.

All of the infection tests came back clear, and my cystic fibrosis carrier test also came back clear.

As if that wasn’t enough, then he hit us with this….

Specialist: These cysts in the baby’s brain. It could mean the baby has Down Syndrome, but don’t worry about that because your baby’s nose is nice and pronounced, and your bloodwork came back great.

We suspect that this early in development, many babies have those cysts, but they clear up, so most people never see them. There is a very small chance that they won’t go away. Very small. Try not to worry about it. We’ll keep an eye on them.

 At the 18-week appointment…the cysts were still there.

At the 20-week appointment…still there.

At the 22-week appointment…nearly gone. Phew!

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I’m of the personal opinion that you should always stay away from gingerbread house. Of all of the bread houses that exist in the world, they’re the least likely to have a soul.”—AbsentElemental

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