The Words a Mother Never Wants to Hear

This little baby has been a troublemaker from the very beginning.

At the first trimester screening, they look at the baby’s nose because it can be an early indicator for Down’s Syndrome. This little stinker held her hand over her nose almost the entire appointment.

Thoughtsy: Look, baby, I get it. My nose is kind of long, too, but this is important: Let’s see that schnooz!

For two ultrasounds in a row, she kept her legs closed, so the doctor couldn’t be sure if the baby was a girl or a boy.

Thoughtsy: Look, baby, I appreciate your ladylikeness, butย spread ’em! Once you reach the age where you start liking boys, please forget I ever said that.

At the 16-week ultrasound, the baby measured nicely. She was right on track sizewise. And then they measured her head…17 weeks, 3 days.

Doctor: Your baby has a big head.

Thoughtsy: Grrrrrreat….

Now I’m cursed. Everywhere I looked, I used to see cute little babies. Now all I see is this…

Kiefer: Awwww…look at that cuteย little guy over there.

Thoughtsy: His head is huge! That must have been painful.


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