How To Fluff Your LoveSac

For Blarney’s dog Murphy…. RIP. I miss you. You were the best stick-fetchin’, LoveSac fluffin’  little guy.

LoveSacs are the best, most comfy pieces of furniture ever. Ev-er. But they’re lazy, so it’s up to you to keep them fluffy and in shape.

Lazy sac of…

To fluff your LoveSac, follow these simple instructions.

Step 1. Charge the LoveSac while screaming, “I’m gonna get you!” Maybe give a little roar or turn green Incredible Hulk style.

Step 2. Then change your strategy. Hug it. Everything needs hugs. Even inanimate objects. Baby talk helps: “You cute, wittle LoveySacky, come here, bring it in.”

Ewww…look at my hand. Is that webbing between my fingers?

Step 3. Back away from the LoveSac slowly so you don’t startle it. If you startle it, it may squish you.

Nice and slow.

Step 4. Change your tactic again. This keeps the LoveSac on its toes. Wipe that smile off your face. Crack your knuckles or maybe flex your guns. Anything intimidating.

Not being intimidating leads to squishing:

Murphy Dog, call 911!

Step 5. Get a running start and fling yourself on top of the LoveSac.

Enlist help if necessary. Murphy Dog works for minimum wage.

Your butt will probably get a little dirty as shown here. Do these pants make my butt look big?

Step 6. Faceplant.

Repeat all six steps as many times as necessary.

Caution! Be sure that all pets (and small children) are clear of the LoveSac, or the faceplant step may occur earlier than planned.

Jumping onto the LoveSac while Esme a small animal is resting causes the pet to launch.

And then Kiefer you have to go stand in the corner.

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