Boy or Girl?

All the pregnancy books say you find out the sex of your baby around 18-20 weeks. They lie!

Ok, maybe they don’t lie. Maybe they just say that because that’s when normal pregnancies have the second trimester ultrasound. However, I’m having ultrasound every two weeks.

So imagine my surprise when this happened just before the 14-week mark:

Doctor: Your cervix looks good. So do you want to know the sex of the baby?

Thoughtsy: Wait…what? Yes, please!

Doctor: Looks like…a girl.

Thoughtsy: Really? Hurray! Wait…Are you sure? Because Kiefer already has two boys. I’m pretty sure he only produces boys.

Doctor: Almost definitely a girl. Oh wait…maybe not. I think it’s still just a little early. We’ll tell you at your next appointment.

Thoughtsy: I hate you….

So I didn’t really say, “I hate you.”

My next appointment is this week. What do you think: boy or girl?

The wedding was wonderful! You can see my (and Misty’s and Hippie’s) reception shoes on Facebook.

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