The Big Wedding vs. My Wedding

Kiefer and I get married on Saturday. That’s just a few days away…and I’m not panicking.

Years ago, Mephistopheles and I were engaged, and he called it off the week of the wedding. That was traumatizing. Of course, two days later he apologized and wanted the wedding to be back on, but I was done.

After that, I swore elopement was the only way to go.

But when Kiefer gave me that option, I turned it down, and for the last four months, we planned our big day.

I thought that over Labor Day weekend I would worry about Kiefer backing out. When I went to work on Tuesday, I realized the thought never crossed my mind.

To prepare us for any wedding mishaps, Kiefer and I watched The Big Wedding.

We really wanted Robin Williams to marry us, but he was booked.

  • For a guy, sometimes his “thing” goes up but may not come down.
  • Four and a half years isn’t that long to wait for a proposal. Some women wait 10 years.
  • Robert DeNiro is a manwhore.
  • “Muffin” can be a person’s name.
  • Never have sex with a man unless he reads you poetry first…and brings you flowers for a year.
  • Docks have a weight limit. Respect it or you will fall in the water.

Kiefer and I are getting married over water, too (if the weather is nice). I’ll have to look up the weight restrictions.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Thoughtsy, here’s your angle for the next time… When confronted with allusions to pooping, explain that ‘Pooping’ may be a bit of a misnomer, as the only thing that comes out or you is glitter. Then if you really want to mess with his head, leave a little glitter scattered around the bathroom.”—BluzDude

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30 responses to “The Big Wedding vs. My Wedding

  • mistyslaws

    TWO DAYS!! Holy cow. I can’t wait.

    And good luck with the last minute nerves. Hopefully you won’t have any, but if you do just remember to breath, and that no matter what, at the end of the day, you will be Mrs. Keifer!” Nothing else really matters. 🙂

  • Nikitaland

    I am so happy for you, as your day has finally arrived! 🙂

  • Don't Quote Lily

    Wow, just two days! I’m so excited for you. 🙂

  • Bonnie

    Congratulations on your big day Saturday! It’s going to be beautiful, I just know it! Can’t help but looking at our similarities here. Over four years later, and you and I are getting married just a couple weeks apart. True love won. 🙂

  • omawarisan

    Those are not the reasons I don’t have sex with a man.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with it.
    Happy day!

  • bluzdude

    You should post a guard at the site, to ensure that Mephistopheles doesn’t come rushing in yelling, “Thoughtseeeeeeeee!”

    Side note: for your wedding cake, I’m imagining a series of Pop Tarts, put together like a house of cards.

    Lastly, I wish you and Kiefer all the best, and I hope you’re deliriously happy with in your lives together.

    • Hippie Cahier

      >>You should post a guard at the site, to ensure that Mephistopheles doesn’t come rushing in yelling, “Thoughtseeeeeeeee!”<<

      I'm secretly hoping for that and then Kiefer punches his lights out and there's all sorts of mayhem and Radley and I grab the Pop-Tarts and the pug and make a clean getaway!

  • Betty

    Best wishes, Thoughtsy! Fingers crossed that you’ll have fabulous weather too.

  • Jeanne (NanaBread)

    Thoughtsy, I’m sending you & Keifer warm thoughts and big hugs for this weekend. It makes me happy to see you so happy. This weekend is proof that sometimes the universe gets it right. This is your time, so embrace it. And then post photos later, because you know we’re going to want to hear every single detail. Best wishes!!!

  • brickhousechick

    I am filled with so much excitement for you!! A lot of wonderful things happening!! Congratulations and I am sure ALL will go beautifully on Saturday! 🙂

  • Kara E

    I get stabby when I read/hear of people getting engaged after a year of dating or whatever. I waited 9 years for the question to be popped.

    But – I wish you happy thoughts and a big Congrats on your big day Saturday!

  • bevchen

    Jan and I will have been together 10 years in February… maybe there’s hope for me yet?!

  • Todd

    Congratulations, Thoughtsie! I’m wishing you both nothing but happiness. Here’s the advice I give everyone about their weddings: Worst-case scenario, you’re married. They might deliver the wrong flowers, they might play the wrong music, the cake might be vanilla instead of chocolate, but most people won’t notice, and none of that matters. What matters is that you’re getting married and that you guys are happy. Cheers!

  • Erica

    Happy early wedding day!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • UndercoverL

    Congratulations!!! Pop Tart wedding cake? I thought of you this morning as I ate Frosted Cherry Pop Tarts for breakfast. My kids looked at me like I was Stalin because I refused to share and I made them eat cereal, even though there was a whole package of Pop Tarts. Bwahahahaha!

  • PinotNinja

    “When I went to work on Tuesday, I realized the thought never crossed my mind.” — and that’s why you should marry this dude. Immediately. Or in two days because a girl has to primp. Congrats you lucky lady!

  • Heidi Street

    Congratulations! Best of luck, I’m sure you’ll have a lovely day as well as a lovely life together. Also, hope that other guy is kicking himself round about now!

  • Choc Chip Uru

    Eeep the big wedding will have nothing on your wedding! So excited 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  • T's Memoirs

    Good luck to you. I can’t wait to hear the details. How’s the dress fitting?

  • The Jagged Man

    Congrats of the Wedding-To-Be!
    The Bride and I paid for our entire wedding since the Fam, both In-law and Outlaw were working poor. It was not grand< by modern standards, and it was a bitch to get done but it was better than eloping.Really. I still feel that way. Sharing is were it is at….as long as the reception is jumping and the bass is thumping….uh I regress. Seriously enjoy the madness and be like a reed in the wind: Flexible.Trust me on that point.
    And just a side note: The Bride and I planned ours in just three months. Yes I suck in the planing thing but we got it done and it was amazing. Yours will be too!

  • Nicole

    Congratulations!! I just got engaged a little less than 2 weeks ago and I think I have the whole thing planned in my head already! You should check out my engagement story here: I love your blog and I look forward to reading all about your big day. Congrats again!

  • pearlsandprose

    Oh, have a happy and beautiful and rain-free wedding, Thoughtsy!! You so deserve that.

  • twrightlove

    I really did enjoy that movie. Glad I didn’t take my mom with me! Whew, that would have been awkward. It was hilarious, and I the That 70’s guy (Eric) (poem reader) is soooo cute. Have a splendid wedding day! Write a poem (ahem) 😉

  • Heather @ Sugar Dish Me

    Saturday?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s tomorrow!!!!! Wow. Just wow.
    So happy for you!

  • pegoleg

    Happy Wedding Day! I’m sure you’ll be popping by the blog between all the hoopla to reply to comments, so I wanted to be the first to tell you that.

    Seriously, I pray God provides many, many blessings to you and your new family.

  • mairzeebp

    Yay, Yay, Yay!!! Congratulations Thoughts! I never thought, when I started blogging three years ago, that I would look so forward to the happiness of another blogger. What a cool world of people you have created here. I know the day was just lovely and I look forward to hearing all about it :).

  • Jackie Cangro

    Congrats Thoughtsy. Since today is Sunday you must be a married lady now. Hope you had a fabulous wedding day!

  • monicastangledweb

    Hope your wedding went off without a hitch! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  • Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd

    I saw a picture of your wedding foot on Misty’s Facebook page – congrats!

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