Hi, This Is Your Friend Ob Gin Calling

Keeping a pregnancy a secret is hard. It’s especially hard  for me keeping it a secret from the two boys you live with.

You hide ultrasounds, you start paying the kids to empty the kitty litter, and you have to explain why you’re suddenly sleeping all the time and don’t feel like ice cream.

Radley kept stumbling upon baby clues. Only he was too young (10) to put it all together.

Radley: This is the second night in a row you haven’t eaten a salad for dinner. Are you feeling ok?

Radley: Did you get McDonalds? You don’t eat fast food.

And then, there was the phone call from my friend: Ob Gin.

My phone rang, Radley grabbed it, looked at it, and as he handed it over, says…

Radley: It’s Ob Gin.

Thoughtsy: Who?

Radley: Ob Gin.

Thoughtsy: ::blank stare::

Radley: ::shrug::

You look down at your phone and read “ObGyn,” and realize maybe it’s time to tell let them in on the secret.

Once I hit 12 weeks, Kiefer and I sat the boys down to tell them. Since we’re all fans of How I Met Your Mother, we contemplated just giving them each a baby sock (Awwww…sock!) and letting them figure it out. Plus…that’s how I told Kiefer.

Instead, we opted for a more mature and responsible approach.

Kiefer: Thoughtsy and I have something to tell you.

Radley: I think I know what it is.

Kiefer: What?

Radley: We’re getting a puppy. (He overheard a conversation about The Hipster getting him a pug. Oops.)

Kiefer: No. Thoughtsy is pregnant. You’re going to have a little brother or sister!

Boo: Wow!

Radley: You two have been naughty.

Boo: Is it a boy or a girl?

Kiefer: We don’t know yet.

Radley: Hey Dad, when the baby is my age, you’ll be 50.

Kiefer: I know….

Radley: I mean 51.

Kiefer: Please stop talking.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I know this is meant to be all about the baby… But… WHAT THE HELL ESME?! Two muffins? Don’t you know mama needs her strength?”—AndTodayFolks

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