And Then a Bird Pooped on My Head

Pregnancy is rollercoaster. One minute you’re up and the next minute you’re down…and then you throw up.

One minute I’m wondering if the morning sickness will ever end (down), and once it subsides (up), I’m scared that means I’m about to lose the baby (down).

The day before my 7-week ultrasound there were no ups. Just downs. It was a no good, very bad day.

  • When I packed my lunch, Esme ate my blueberry muffin.
  • When I got out another one, she ate that one, too.
  • Kiefer was traveling, so I had to walk Ozzy before work. I gagged the entire time from morning sickness.
  • I started spotting.
  • A bird pooped in my hair.

I realize now that the birds were calling a truce to our life-long rivalry and wishing me luck with this pregnancy, but it was still gross. 

The nights before my 7- and 9-week ultrasounds, I started bleeding. By the next morning, the bleeding had stopped, but every minute in the waiting room was excruciating.

Kiefer was traveling for the first ultrasound, so he lit up as soon as he saw our little one on the screen at the next appointment. But I held my breath until we heard the heartbeat, which was loud and strong.


The baby even waved to us. I swear she was saying, “Hi,” and Kiefer swears he was saying, “High five!”

Because of my prior miscarriages, blood clotting disorder, and some issues with my cervix, in addition to my regular OB appointments, I have appointments with perinatal specialists. They give ultrasounds at every appointment, so we get to see our little one every two weeks.

Am I going to stop worrying? Probably not. But a check-in every 2 weeks will certainly help. So will more bird poop. Don’t tell any birds I said that.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Can I say how much I love the picture. It looks like something that should be reproduced in oils: ‘Still Life with Pee Stick.'”—Nagzilla


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