The First Trimester Play-By-Play

After 2 miscarriages, Kiefer and I decided not to tell anyone that I was pregnant until we were out of the danger zone aka the first trimester. So here’s a post to catch you up on what you missed.

Week 4

I’m pregnant and barely have any of the not-fun side effects! Woo-hoo, party people!

Week 4 and 1/2

People, the party is over.

I get morning sickness…at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Week 5

Exhaustion sets in. I fall asleep at my desk.

Week 6

 I fall asleep for an hour in my car…at work. Oops.

I discover that the cure to morning sickness is chocolate pecan pie.

Week 6 1/2

Three pounds of chocolate pecan pie heavier, I realize I need an alternative cure for morning sickness.

Morning sickness subsides for a few days. Panic that I’m miscarrying sets in.

Week 7

At my first prenatal appointment, I see the baby and hear the baby’s heartbeat. I cry.

I am thankful for my returning morning sickness.

Week 7 and 1/2

Eff morning sickness.

Thoughtsy: I don’t really feel like ice cream. Oh…my…god…this is not my child. It’s a pod baby!

Week 8

Thoughtsy: Kiefer! Look at my boobs! They’re flippin’ huge!

Kiefer: I noticed.

Thoughtsy: But you can’t touch them. They hurt.

I cry…at the end of Home Alone and pretty much every movie that I watch.

Week 8 and 1/2

I smell ice cream cones. Not ice cream, just the cones. But it’s 9 AM, and I’m at work. My pregnancy sniffer is broken.

Week 9

Peanut butter and jelly is the cure to morning sickness…but only if you eat it at 2:30 AM.

Thoughtsy to Kiefer: Are you looking at my boobs?

Week 10

Thoughtsy to Kiefer: I need candy orange slices.

The next day….

Kiefer: I ate your last orange slice. ::pause; sees tears welling up:: Just kidding! Here they are.

Week 10 and 1/2

Candy orange slices? Who the hell bought those?

Thoughtsy to Kiefer: Are you looking at my boobs…again?

Week 11

I can’t button my pants.

Thoughtsy: ::sniffing:: What are you eating?

Kiefer: ::stops chewing::

Thoughtsy: I smell…M&Ms! Hand ’em over! ::Opens palm under Kiefer’s mouth.::

When he didn’t spit any out, I actually considered going in after them. He’ll tell you I pried his mouth open and stuck my finger in there. Lies, Lies, I tell you!

Week 12

Thoughtsy to Kiefer: You’re looking at my boobs. Are you at least listening to what I’m saying?

I have only one question: When does the morning sickness end?

Favorite Comments From Last Post:

  • “Congrats, girl! I am doing a happy dance over here. Also, I was unaware we had stopped celebrating your birthday; I was still eating Pop-Tarts in your honor.”—Sarah’s Brand New Chapter
  • “Yay! You’re having a little Pop Tart! Will you start telling people you have a ‘Tart in the Toaster?’”—Lisa Newlin


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