Just Don’t Make Me Wear a Cape

Dear Professor Xavier,

Kiefer and I suffered two miscarriages last year. Desperate for answers, I went through a lot of pokes and pricks to figure out what was going on.

Finally…my insurance changed, and I was able to return to my favorite OB/GYN. He sent me for thyroid testing (all clear!) and then ran bloodwork for some common blood disorders.

And he found one.

Professor X (May I call you that?), I am a mutant.

When can I get my own action figure?

My mutation is called…I love the name…MTHFR. My doctor calls it the “Mother Factor.” Bor-ing.

I’m calling it the M*ther F*cker. Why? Because that’s what the acronym looks like…and it contributes to miscarriages, so that name is kind of literal. Plus…that sounds badass.

Basically, my body isn’t metabolizing Vitamin B like it should, and it leads to pregnancy complications like blood clotting. Step 1 is to try taking extra Vitamin B and some baby aspirin.

Sooooo…May I join the X-Men now? I know it’s not a mutant power that’s useful during a fight, but I’d still like a cool outfit.

Just think about it.

Your fellow mutant,


PS: Please do not make me wear a cape.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Tell your mom if she’d raised you better you wouldn’t dress like such a whore.”—Robynbird

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