Never Show Favoritism

Radley is an animal lover. He even loves Esme Kitty when she scratches him. But he especially loves Ozzy Pups.

And Ozzy Pups loves him.

There’s only one problem. Ozzy is mama’s boy. And his mama is me.


Kiefer brought Ozzy home while I was at BlogHer last summer…while I was miscarrying. When I got off the train from NYC, Kiefer said, “I got us a puppy…and then I lost him.”

Fortunately, Ozzy came home the next day.

And that poor little guy was so scared that he hid behind the recliner. So I sat behind the recliner with him.

After a few minutes, he inched towards me. So I lifted that shaking little puppy into my lap and cuddled with him. I cuddled his fear away and eased my own loss.

And that…is why Ozzy loves me best.

  • When we come home, Ozzy runs to me.
  • When Kiefer reprimands Ozzy, Ozzy looks at me for a reprieve.
  • When Ozzy wants to be fed, he gives me those big sad puppy eyes.
  • When we go to bed, Ozzy wants to sleep with me.

Radley is a little bummed that Ozzy doesn’t want to sleep with him.

There’s only one solution: We have to get another dog. And I’ll have to completely ignore the second dog, so it’ll love Radley best.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Recently, I was told I look like Linda Hamilton. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? I may or may not have said that. Then I asked: Before or after Meth?”—Carmen


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