Guess Who’s Back…Back From Greece

I just returned from Greece last night, so while I’m reacquainting myself with East Coast time, here’s the conversation Kiefer and I had the day I left for Greece. I’d never flown out of the country before, so I was really nervous.

Thoughtsy: Do I need to convert some money? What am I going to do while you’re working? What are we going to do while you’re not working? I am totally unprepared.

Kiefer: They take Euros here.

Thoughtsy: Soooooo…I do need to convert money?

Kiefer: I’ll give you money. And I’ve already set up a tour of the city for you because I don’t want you wandering around alone. And if you’re too tired, you can hang out by the pool or get a massage. I work one day, and then I have everything else planned out.

Thoughtsy:  You planned? ::whispers:: Pod person….

Kiefer: ::after giving me detailed instructions and confirming that he’ll pick me up from the Athens airport:: So I’ll see you in less than 24 hours. I love you. Have a good flight!

Thoughtsy: I love you, too.

Kiefer: ::pause:: You didn’t hang up, did you?

Thoughtsy: No.

Kiefer: You’re really nervous, aren’t you?

Thoughtsy: Are you sure you can’t just fly back here to the States really quickly, and then we can take my first international flight together?

Kiefer: You’re going to be fine. And you’re flying through London…where you speak the language.

Thoughtsy: But sometimes the Cockney throws me off.

Kiefer: You’re a dork. Call me if you have any problems.

Thoughtsy: What if I have a problem on the plane?

Kiefer: That’s what flight attendants are for.

Thoughtsy: Jerk….

Kiefer: You’ll be fine. You’re stronger than you think. I love you. Bye!

Thoughtsy: I love you, too.

::pause and then texting::

I can’t believe you hung up.

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