I Braved the Texas Heat For This?

While I was packing and unpacking, I found a blog post I’d written in May while I was in Texas. May I present to you this 12-Step Pregnancy Test Program.

  1. Realize you’re late and wonder if you’re pregnant.
  2. Find a CVS drug store that is only .6 miles from your hotel.
  3. Begin walking…in Texas heat.
  4. After 2 blocks, curse yourself for not taking a cab.
  5. Consider swimming in the Riverwalk to reach your destination.
  6. Walk one block too far.
  7. Look for pregnancy tests in the Stationary aisle so you can enjoy the AC a little longer.
  8. Wonder where pregnancy tests actually are. Near contraception? Feminie hygiene?
  9. See them behind the counter. Do people actually steal pregnancy tests?
  10. Because you’re too embarrassed to buy the pregnancy test, also buy chocolate and water.
  11. Realize why the pregnancy tests are behind the counter.
  12. Curse yourself for not taking a cab back to the hotel.

Once you return to the hotel, you’ll discover you no longer need to take a pregnancy test…but you do need to walk back to CVS for tampons.


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