Help! I’m Stuck in the Bathroom and I Can’t Get Out!

Last month was full of travel. Just as I arrived in San Antonio, Kiefer was headed to Turkey. He called me from the airport.

Kiefer: Guess what?

Thoughtsy: You’re blowing off work and flying to Texas to see me?

Kiefer: I wish. We got the house.

For almost 2 years, Kiefer and I looked at houses. We put offers in on several, and one offer after another was outbid. Rejection again and again.

But…finally…we found a cute house; they accepted our offer, and we got the keys last night.

I’m happy to report this house  has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Two bathrooms! After the house was officially ours, the first words out of my mouth were: “I have to pee…in my bathroom.”

A kid-free bathroom. It was heaven. Then…this happened:

Thoughtsy: KIEFER! Help! I’m trapped in the bathroom. The door is stuck. Let me out!

Kiefer: Bwahaha! That’s funny. Open the door.

Thoughtsy: I can’t.

Kiefer: Did you lock it?

Thoughtsy: No.

Kiefer: Are you sure?

Thoughtsy: No….

And that’s how we got the first item on our new house’s  To-Do List. I can’t believe the new bathroom turned on me like that. Jerk…. If I suddenly stop blogging, you’ll know where I am. Send help.

Finally…Everything seems to be coming together.

Proposal? Check.

Wedding? Almost checked.

House with more than one bathroom? Check.

Baby? Hopefully soon to be checked.

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