I Challenge You to a Baking Duel

The other day I posted about lemon-flavored Oreos. And they were delicious.  Then I read about watermelon-flavored Oreos…and I cringed.

I love watermelon. But artificial watermelon flavor tastes gross to me. I feel the same way about grapes and apples.

Has anyone tried the watermelon Oreos? Does anyone want to?

Anyways, I’ve seen tons of yummy new foods in the store lately, but I’m not sure what to do with them. I can’t just eat them. That’s so boring!


This counts as a fruit.

How can I make this cookie better?


Dessert for breakfast!

How can I turn add even more sugar to this cereal?

I love desserts. Duh. And I love baking. But I am not creative or brave enough to create my own recipes. That’s where you come in.

Sugar Dish Me, Domestic Rebel, Girl in a Food Frenzy, Nana Bread, ChocChip Guru, Brittany, and all you other foodies…I’m calling you out.*

This is where you say, “Challenge Accepted.”

What can you make with lemon Oreos or this cereal? I personally am going to use the Oreo as a garnish on a Lemon Meringue Pie Martini.

*I totally stole this idea from Misty. If you’re looking for drink recipes, go here.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: Goes to UndercoverL for using the word “asshat” and to Wordifull Melanie for actually leaving a Pop-Tart. The comment got messed up, but it was perfect in the email.

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