The Greatest Cover Up of All Time: Osama Is a Zombie

Do you believe in conspiracies? I believe some. For example, I believe that salmonella is a fake disease made-up by adults, so children won’t eat all of the raw cookie dough. Warm cookies are delicious, too.

Recently, I watched movie about another conspiracy. A more important conspiracy.

Brace yourselves….

Osama Bin Laden is not dead. He is undead. He’s a zombie.

Here’s what I learned from watching the movie Osombie:

  • Don’t go swimming  in the ocean. Osombie will eat you.
  • Some guys hate wearing shirts. It could be snowing, and he’d still say he was too hawt hot to wear a shirt.
  • What do our Warfighters need? They need zombie protection.
  • Soldiers don’t need guns to kill zombies; they need Samurai swords.

That’s all I learned…because I didn’t finish watching the movie.

Wait…I did learn a new song: One little, two little, three little zombies. Shoot them in the head and wipe the brains off me.

And the movie did raise a very interesting question: Do zombies poop?

I don’t know. That’s why I didn’t finish watching the movie. I didn’t want to find out.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I have my attorney put a cupcake clause in every contract. I gained so much weight now I also need a Hoveround clause.”—Pegoleg

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