Payback’s a…

My dear bloggers, although I only made you wait one day for the answer to Kiefer’s proposal, I made Kiefer wait a few weeks. During those weeks, we had conversations like this:

Thoughtsy: I’m still shocked that you actually proposed.

Kiefer: Did you like it? I wrote it down. And then I memorized it. Mem-o-riz-ed it.

Thoughtsy: Can I have the written version? For the blog. Maybe you could sign it, too. So it would be like a contract. Let’s add in a cupcake clause. Also…I’m going to need you to propose again.

Kiefer: I’ll propose to you every day if you want.

Thoughtsy: Do I get 4+ years to decide?

Kiefer: What are you talking about? I’ve wanted to get married this whole time. You’ve been the hold up.

Thoughtsy: ::the “excuse-me” eyebrow raise:: Not. Funny.

Kiefer: Fine. But can we get married now? Now? What about now?

Thoughtsy: Every time you ask, I’m making you wait an extra month.

Kiefer: Well played, Thoughtsy. Well played.

Favorite Comments From Last Post:

  • “RING RING I SPOT A RING IN THAT FIRST PICTURE! And a cupcakes…I see an amazing looking cupcake…and a skinny looking hot lady!! Happy Birthday month! I would make you cupcakes if I lived closer.”—Brittany
  • “I’m surprised the cupcake didn’t go up in flames after all those key-lime mart…ummm…after dinner.”—Cooper

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