The Boys Have Me Outnumbered

One of the things that weighed heavily on my mind with Kiefer’s proposal was Boo and Radley. What did they think? Over the last 6 months, I’d seen them only a handful of times.

Maybe they hated me for depriving them. I mean, while I lived with them, they became accustomed to a certain Pop-Tart-filled lifestyle….

When Kiefer told Boo and Radley that he proposed, Boo’s response was, “Way to go, Dad!”

After I said, “Yes,” I was still worried. Because that’s what I do: I worry.

Turns out there was nothing to worry about. When Kiefer told them we were getting married, Boo said, “Yessssss!”


Kiefer said Boo did the fist-pull thing, so he pretty much looked like this.

And Radley? He’s excited for the 24/7  desserts that I bring to the relationship. Who wouldn’t be?

Ozzy Pups is happy, too.

Oh my goodness…the boys have Esme Kitty and I outnumbered! I guess the only thing left to do is resign myself to a lifetime of raised toilet seats.

What have I done?

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I was under the impression that everyone carried a bookbag filled with high-tech sex toys. I guess this revelation radically changes my plans for world domination.”—AbsentElemental


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