Airplane Safety: I Didn’t Need to Know That

I’ve been spending a lot of time on planes lately. And I hate it. All of it.

I hate…

  • Being crammed next to complete strangers.
  • Losing all feeling in my butt.
  • Standing in all of the lines. That’s all airports are. Lots and lots of lines.
  • Paying an arm and a leg for a pack of gum.
  • Imagining monsters on the wing of the plane….


As if that’s not bad enough…there’s also that whole plane crashing thing.

Sometimes I fly into Reagan National Airport. And I recently read this:

Pilots flying into Reagan National Airport have to dodge several no-fly zones located over our nation’s capital just to land. Most of central Washington is prohibited airspace up to 18,000 feet, so pilots are forced to follow the Potomac River in the “River Visual” approach, according to the FAA. While following the Potomac River pilots have to perform a 30- to 40-degree turn while close to the river to line up with the runway. This maneuver is what has caused some to place the airport on their scariest airports lists.


After I finished my cupcake answered Kiefer’s proposal, we stopped by a park near Reagan where we watched the planes land. It was scary stuff.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “…You should have your guests toss sprinkles at the wedding exit.”—Angelia Sims

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34 responses to “Airplane Safety: I Didn’t Need to Know That

  • Happy Telegram

    What I hate mostly about airplanes is that you have no control whatsoever compared to driving a car. And I always think when you get a problem with the car, you stop and check it or whatever but with the plane in the air what options do you have? Statistics don’t help relax my mind when I am in a plane.

  • mistyslaws

    I don’t think I have ever flown from or to Reagan. And now I am very happy about that! Although, I’m sure there are some issues for BWI as well, since they have to fly over the same airspace, but probably far enough away that they can stay above the restricted area, yes? As you can see, I know nothing about aeronautics.

  • Go Jules Go

    Do you think the gum is so expensive because it doubles as plane repair adhesive?

  • Brown Road Chronicles

    My vote would be for some serious high speed train service in this country. I know there’s a few lines out there but nothing near me. Pipe dream I think, will probably never happen.

  • Brittany

    EW that thing on the plane gave me nightmares when I was a wee one. I hate flying too, but I love getting to go places, so I make that sacrifice.

  • sarah9188

    I generally like flying, but I don’t do it too often so that may be part of the reason. I think that reading that would make me very nervous about landing. I once landed in Philly during a thunderstorm, and man, was that scary! The plane was jolting all around in the turbulence, and I was praying silently to “please make it on the ground alive.”

  • Nikitaland

    I traveled a lot for work, 2-3 times a month and every time, and I mean every time, I was the one picked out of the crowd for a full inspection. I mean, who did they think I was? What did they think I was carrying? I got so many pat downs in my life, and cheap feels from TSA Agents at the airport that I lost count!

  • bevchen

    I refused to read your post because I’m flying tomorrow. Whatever it is, I don’t need to know! 😉

  • AbsentElemental

    I believe that if you lose feeling in your butt while sitting by strangers, the proper term is a stranger sandwich.

  • a2shato

    I recently took my first flight and hated every moment. Well, I was pretty excited at first butman that faded fast.

    Being all alone for it didn’t help one bit.

  • Eva van Beek

    I am a very nervous flyer too, so thought “oh good” others feel those things too…Well there is one thing on or your list which you could avoid by flying to Singapore. There you will not pay anything for a pack of gum, because simply they don’t sell any (it is prohibited to chew gum in Singapore) 🙂

  • UndercoverL

    I love to fly… I used to fly 16 times a month. (No, not for work… for my children.) Then my husband said to me: ‘you fly so much that eventually you will wind up a statistic.’ ::cue fear of flying::

  • bluzdude

    I generally don’t mind flying, but it’s unnerving to realize that my sense of well-being is completely in the hands of others. I don’t mean the pilots, either… I mean the screamers, seat kickers, seat-back recliners, arm-rest wrestlers, deodorant non-users and frequent pee-ers.

    As Linus once said, “I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand.”

    • Mimi

      Oh my gosh yes! We flew home from Italy with a screaming child that kept climbing up, over and under the seats. The mom just ignored it all. Argh!

  • Chase McFadden

    Our crew experienced their first flights this week. Tax Credit #4 thought it was the bomb. He’ll fly with you and hold your hand. He’s sweet like that.

  • robynbird

    Grew up there…spent teen years “watching the planes” land at National (see I’m old) my dad is a retired police officer who was at the river the day AirFlorida flight 90 broke the bridge…
    Have faith. You’re safer than you realize.
    As for the idiots who travel…I got nothing. Bonne chance!

  • chemgirljaime (@chemgirljaime)

    flying effing sucks… I always hated flying into O’Hare because you fly over the lake and at one point the plane drops altitude and it feels like you are going to drop right out of the sky and into the lake.

    NOT fun!

  • Laura

    I hate flying, but I’m not afraid of crashing. Unless I’m in one of those little turboprop planes. I’m still not entirely convinced those things can fly.

  • Jess Witkins

    Ohmygosh that is scary! Expensive gum?

    Last time I was in an airport I was observing the packaging on both a pringles can and a bag of snyder’s pretzels trying to discern which gave me ounces per dollar spent. I felt like that kid in those Charter commercials “Daddy, phone company math is hard.” Only my line would be “Daddy, airport snacks are a ripoff!”

  • catsinyourpants

    In my opinion, which is always worthless, there isn’t enough attention paid to lavatory safety. You’ve really got to suit up into a CDC-issued jumper before going into one of them, especially if you are the type of person who prefers to not have urine all over the bottom half of your outfit.

  • mairzeebp

    Do Poptarts float? I bet they do. Keep some in your pockets and a box in your carry on. Wait – two boxes. The monster on the wing – he likes blueberry. 🙂

  • Peter Licari

    I had no idea that Reagan was considered so scary. I could imagine why that would be a bit disconcerting… that and the gremlins.

  • Redneckprincess

    I hate flying too…all of it, except the getting off the plane part, preferably somewhere in mexico.

  • rumadak

    I surely don’t want to die in a Plane crash!

  • PinotNinja

    I did not need to know this fact as I’m just about to book a flight into DCA! But, I think I’m still willing to risk death to avoid having to trek all the way from the Virginian hinterlands or Baltimore to get into the city.

    I’ll try to distract myself by staring at the monuments as we land. I’ll be the crazy lady curled up in a ball in my seat muttering “pretty buildings, pretty buildings, pretty buildings” as we hurtle down the river.

  • Don't Quote Lily

    Whoa! As if everything else isn’t bad enough. I hope you can fly into another airport next time.
    I hate all those things too about planes, but especially the part about this huge metal object just floating in the air, as if it didn’t weigh a ton and gravity didn’t exist. Whatever.

  • Lucy

    Did you have to share lol

  • Bowrag

    You forgot to mention how much you like sitting next to all the interesting people on a plane.

  • JM Randolph

    San Diego is also a scary airport. My friend had a 5th floor apartment downtown there and you could freaking SEE THE PEOPLE IN THE PLANE as they came in to land.

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