Code Blue! Code Blue!

This week I have a house guest.  Someone Esme  Kitty is not happy to have visiting.

Ozzy Pups!

Ozzy Pups!

Esme Kitty has been hissing a lot, and Ozzy Pups wanted to show her he’s all grown up now and won’t be intimidated.

Unfortunately, we’ve already had a casualty. I don’t know how many more there will be before Saturday when Ozzy goes home.


RIP Mr. Lion

Mr. Lion lasted approximately 4.71 minutes before his head and feet were torn from his tennis ball tummy. Abdominal wounds are fatal. There was nothing I could do.

Time of Death: Sunday, May 26th. 11:36 AM.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “My immediate thought was ‘a bathroom is too small to get down to the floor.’ My second thought was me passing out in the basket of a hot air balloon. So…totally do-able.”—Kitten Thunder’s Girl


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