Movie Monday: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

My brother Lunchbox and I always talk about movies. It’s pretty much the only thing we talk about. Besides Percy Q. Poodle.

Thoughtsy: How’s the West Coast?

Lunchbox: Good.

Thoughtsy: How’s the fiance?

Lunchbox: Good.

Thoughtsy: How’s Percy?

Lunchbox: Good.

Thoughtsy: Seen any good movies lately?


Lunchbox: Did you see Perks of Being a Wallflower? We had dinner with the Chboskys.

Thoughtsy: …

Lunchbox: The writer and director of the movie.

Thoughtsy: Did you just name drop?

I’d been saving my write up of the movie for a special occasion, and I’m pretty sure that conversation counts. Mark this as the day that I began my journey towards linking myself to Kevin Bacon through 6 degrees.

Here’s what I learned from the movie:

  • Have a living room dance routine prepared for homecoming.
  • At parties, don’t eat the brownies.
  • If you do eat the brownies, you’ll crave milkshakes.
  • Always let the guy pick the makeout music.

Most importantly, I learned that we accept the love we think we deserve.

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6 responses to “Movie Monday: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

  • mistyslaws

    Oh my god! And since I know YOU, I think I just connected to him through 7 degrees! Woo-hoo, I’ll take it!!

  • Go Jules Go

    So there is a dessert Thoughtsy would say no to??? Wow. I need to figure out if I understand anything anymore.

    Also, can your brother introduce me to Kristen Stewart so I’m only one degree from Robert Pattinson?

  • pegoleg

    I’m TWO degrees from Kevin Bacon because he did a concert in my town and my friend/client is the promoter who booked him and schmoozed with him. I’m about 180 degrees from Robert Pattinson, though.

  • monicastangledweb

    I love that movie. Thought it was well done with some great acting. Oh, and it made me teary. Love the six degrees game.

  • Heather @ Sugar Dish Me

    Don’t eat the brownies?! What kinda movie is this!?

  • JM Randolph

    I’m two degrees from Kevin Bacon because I worked with his cousin. This movie? First off, I LOVED THE BOOK! I read a lot of YA cause it’s what I write and that’s a lovely excuse to get away with it. A couple Fridays ago #2 and #4 were the only ones home with me and they asked to rent it, so I said yes. It’s the kind of movie that as a stepmom of teenagers, I want to keep an ear on, but can’t really be in the room for the whole thing cause they’ll be all “umm AWKward!”. What I saw/heard of it was fantastic. And if I were Lunchbox, I’d be dropping the hell out of that name.

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