I’ve Got Rhythm, I’ve Got Music, I’ve Got Your Pancreas

I love musicals. My musical fascination began when, as a youngster, I visited my grandmother. We always watched Shirley Temple movies.

Soon I wanted to be Shirley Temple. The fact that I was a fat, straight-haired brunette who could not sing and had only 1 year of tap-dancing experience were my only obstacles. All minor.

Now I want to be Sarah Brightman. I can’t sing like her, but really, who can?


Sarah Brightman is bee-u-tiful. And she can sing.

Anyways, as I got older, I found a new love: horror movies. Which is weird. Because…

  • Horror movies are the exact opposite of musicals.
  • Psychokillers never break out into song as they’re hacking someone up.
  • Victims are too busy choking on blood to sing.

I recently discovered a movie that blends the horror and musical genres: Repo! The Genetic Opera.

The movie takes place in the future when human organs start failing, and people have to buy new organs. If you can’t afford them, your organs get repossessed….and you die. Duh.

Here’s what I learned:

  • I need an eyelash transplant (see the pic above).
  • “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” takes on a whole new meaning when it’s used for organ advertising.
  • To be a bad guy in an opera, you don’t have to be able to sing.

Most importantly, don’t get cosmetic surgery. If you do, your face will fall off.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “So here’s what you do: Accept friend request(s) / Accept cupcake(s) / Enjoy Cupcake(s) / Remove “friend(s)” / Repeat (or block…whichever is more rewarding).”—SandyLand


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