Please Send Me Your Candy

Recently, I went hunting. For Carrot Cake M&Ms.

You: Whoa, Thoughtsy! Those sound amazing! Where can I find them?

I don’t know. I can tell you where I did not find them: two local Walmarts, a Target, a CVS, an end of a rainbow, and four grocery stores.

Just like the Candy Corn Oreos. I never found those either.

I was beginning to think that God hated me.

Or that the blogging world had turned on me.

All of You: Let’s make up yummy candy that doesn’t exist just to mess with Thoughtsy!

Thoughtsy: Jerks….

Then…this came in the mail:

carrot cake

Thank you, Heather at SugarDishMe, for the Carrot Cake M&Ms! You are super awesome! I dropped a thank-you gift in the mail yesterday.

Sunday night I made Carrot Cake Magic Bars. Deeeeelicious.

 Tonight…Cream Cheese and Carrot Cake M&Ms Cookies.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “If someone asks about your eyes, I think you should just tilt your head slightly and stare silently at them.”—Laura

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