You’re Going to Die…April Fool’s!

Today I’m wearing my crazy contacts.


Look deep into my eyes….

Mostly, people are giving me double takes. But a few people have commented on them. What do you think I should say?

Just in case someone decided to play an April Fool’s joke on me, I wanted to be prepared, so I watched the movie April Fool’s Day. Creative movie title, huh? At least you know when it takes place.

Here are some of my thoughts during the movie:

  • Is that Biff?  I didn’t think he was in anything except the Back to the Future movies.
  • In 1986, the “your fly is down” is the most popular joke. And everyone falls for it.
  • In 1986, “Muffy” was an acceptable name for a child.
  • In 1986, the appearance of an evil twin named “Buffy” would not raise any questions.

This hairstyle should be as popular as Princess Leia’s.

The movie left me with one question.

If someone says you need the bigger bedroom because you need the room, is she calling you “fat” or a “whore?” 

Favorite Comments From Last Post: “…Now the Cadbury crack I can talk about. I haven’t had one in 24 hours, and I am starting to get the shakes.”—Angelia Sims

“Cadbury Creme Crack Eggs…that is spot on. I’ve had a love affair with them since, oh, 1985? I keep waiting for the day when I’ll take a bite and say, “Ooh, it’s just too much…too rich…too sweet.” That day is never going to come. And for that reason, every Easter season, I gain 15 pounds of pure Cadbury Egg fat.—Single and Blogging It

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22 responses to “You’re Going to Die…April Fool’s!

  • ryoko861

    I’ve always wanted a pair of contact lens that made my eyes blue. I’ve always wanted blue eyes. But they make them in all sorts of funky shades and designs. You should have fun with them today. People don’t know what to make of them!

  • Hippie Cahier

    Biff and Muffy were big names in the 80s, when it was Izods, not iPods. I know this because I was the first person in my high school to own a copy of The Preppy Handbook.
    I’ve said it.
    Commence making fun of my turned up collar and madras bermuda shorts.

    • Nagzilla

      My best friend was the first in our school to have that book. Which was funny, since we lived in Iowa and were thousands of miles (and frankly, years) away from that culture.

    • pegoleg

      Did you have the wood-handled Pappagalos changeable, button-on, monogrammed handbag?

      • Hippie Cahier

        I’m not sayin’ I did; I’m not sayin’ I didn’t. I’m not sayin’ if I did that it was navy blue with kelly green whales. Did you have one?

        • pegoleg

          No. (note the lack of waffling that characterizes SOME people’s comment?) But my brother LIVED The Preppy Handbook and I lived through it.

          I had a Christmas job in a men’s clothing store where people would buy Izod cardigans they then wanted monogrammed. I snipped off the little alligators and ended up with about 10 of them. My plan was to sew them on a plain t-shirt, all marching up the side in a line as some sort of “anti-prep” statement, but I never got around to it. I think I still have them in my basement somewhere.

  • AbsentElemental

    Tell people you got ocular laser implants. Then tell them that you can steal souls, or at the very least can learn their secret family recipes.

  • Jill Pinnella Corso

    I’ve never heard of that movie. I think I’ll watch Freaky Friday again instead.

  • marinasleeps

    Well do you blame people?? That joke “Your fly is down” is classic!

  • Nagzilla

    I have to admit, those are creepy. Makes me think next year I should get the Ciel Phantomhive contact for April Fool’s. Added bonus, my daughter could then wear it for cosplay. Win win!

  • Trinity Rivers

    My vote is to say “hell if I know? I just woke up this morning and there they were.” LOL

  • blissfulbritt

    Those eyes are scary! In a legit cool way. Once again, I’ve never heard of this movie, but I suddenly want to grow my hair out to a noose style.

  • pegoleg

    I just want to express my admiration for your knowledge of obscure movies. Where do you come up with these titles?

  • omawarisan

    After I looked into your eyes, it feels like i lost 15 minutes out of my life and whenever the phone rings I make duck noises. Please unhypnotize me.

  • Go Jules Go

    I just fell in love with you a little bit [more]. I’m sorry, I can’t even get past the contacts for April Fool’s Day long enough to answer your question. (But whore, definitely whore.)

  • Laura

    If someone asks about your eyes, I think you should just tilt your head slightly and stare silently at them.

  • JM Randolph

    They’re your soul-peering contacts. I think you should widen your eyes in great fear when someone is looking at them, blink and shake your head and maybe rub your eyes, then run away, like you saw something evil in them. Repeat every time you cross their path again.

  • Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd

    I’ve never seen that movie but I was obsessed with the video box at the video store. How is she gonna use that hair noose? So fascinating.

  • mychaoticbubble

    First I love those crazy contacts lol.
    Second, so weird I watched April Fool’s Day when I was younger (like um in primary school so maybe 12 which if you’ve seen the movie is quite young lol) and besides the sex or maybe it was just bedroom parts (I think I recall it had sex lol haven’t re-watched for a long, long, long time and of course in primary school thought sex was disgusting) I thought it was scary and awesome lol, good choice I say!

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