It’s Spring…and It’s Snowing

5:15 AM: My alarm went off. I hit “Snooze.”

5:25 AM: My alarm went off again. I snoozed it again.

5:35 AM: My alarm went off. I turned it off.

5:50 AM: Craaaaaap. No yoga for me. I just want to go back to sleep!

5:51 AM: Wait…wasn’t it supposed to snow last night?

5:53 AM: I inch my way across the bed to peek out the window and see…


Obviously, I didn’t take this picture at 5:53 AM. I took it at 7:53 AM.

5:54 AM: I call work. There’s a 2-hour delay! Hells yeah! I can go back to sleep!

5:58 AM: I’m still awake. Probably just the excitement of the delay.

6:04 AM: I’m still awake.

6:15 AM: Still awake.

6:22 AM: Still…awake.

6:25 AM: Dammit. Yoga, it is.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I never knew whether I should feel complimented or insulted when my cat used to groom me. At least he wasn’t covering me up with sand…”—Bluzdude

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