Is That Tuna on Your Forehead?

I consider myself an animal person. I love them all the cute ones equally.

Please see Exhibit A for my love of penguins (specifically Pete), Exhibit B for my love of wolves, and Exhibit C for my love of dolphins.

In the ongoing cat vs. dog debate, I choose cats. Only because cats are lower maintenance. Esme once opened the cabinet where her food was because she was hungry. So when I’m away on travel for a couple days, Esme Kitty can take care of herself. 

And when I come back, she forgets she’s a cat, and she acts like a dog by showing me how much she missed me and licks my forehead.

No, I did not smear cat food on my forehead for this photo op.

No, I did not smear tuna juice on my forehead for this photo op.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “You could always do what I did to scare my OBGYN away. I accidentally let one go and I think we all wished we were dead afterward. No need to explain why I didn’t go back. He didn’t come looking for me either.”—So I Went Undercover

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