Long Distance Never Works

While I was in LA, I was single. Which meant I was on the prrrrrrrrrowl.

Ok, not really because I was with my mom. And my brother. And I was on the opposite side of the country.

But two “guys” did initiate some innocent flirting.


Notice the SpongeBob photobomb. Jerk…

Fievel was my favorite, but Curious George laid it on my pretty thick, so…we’ll see what develops. I’m not sure I’m into long-distance relationships, but at least I have options.

  • Fievel Pros: He can sing and wears a cute hat.
  • Fievel Con: He’s from Russia, so I’m not sure if he has a green card.
  • Curious George Pros: He kissed my hand and danced with me. Obviously, he’s very romantic.
  • Curious George Con: He doesn’t wear clothes.

Who should I date: Fievel or Curious George?

Favorite Comment From Last Post: ‘Whew! I thought ‘chocolate boyfriend’ was going to be code for something offered by the Trojan Co. Thanks for not going there.”—Peg-o-Leg

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