My Boxing Day Gift List

Friend: So maybe you’ll get a ring this year for Christmas.

Thoughtsy: I doubt it. Kiefer said he wouldn’t propose on a holiday.

Friend: But there are plenty of days around the holidays. Like 350-something of them.

Thoughtsy: I guess there is the day after Christmas. Oh wait…That’s Boxing Day.

Friend: The 27th?

Thoughtsy: National Fruitcake Day.

Friend: The 28th?

Thoughtsy: National Give-Your-Boyfriend-the-Cold-Shoulder-for-Not-Proposing Day.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Once my oldest figured out that Santa wasn’t real, I felt kind of relieved like, FINALLY, that jerk can quit getting all the credit for all of my hard work.”—BananaStick3rs

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