Chivalry Isn’t Dead. It’s Cold.

Kiefer is in Russia. And because he’s the biggest procrastinator ever, he started packing about 21 minutes before we had to leave for the airport.

Thoughtsy: Dang it, Kiefer! Why can’t work ever send you someplace I want to go? Like Greece or Italy. Obviously, your work should accommodate my travel wants.

Kiefer: Obviously.

Thoughtsy: Am I distracting you?

Kiefer: Yes.

Thoughtsy: Good. That’ll teach you to procrastinate. First Africa, now Russia. Hot to cold. One extreme to another.

Kiefer: I can’t find my winter coat.

Thoughtsy: Don’t change the subject! ::pause:: I haven’t seen it in a couple days. Did you leave it at work?

Kiefer: Crap! Yes.

Thoughtsy: ::head shaking:: See what happens when you procrastinate? You end up in Russia freezing your tootsies off.

Then I thought of all the times Kiefer had given me his coat. And I started picturing Kiefer…in Russia…coatless and shivering…snot icicles hanging from his nose…with frostbite.

Thoughtsy: Take my heavy winter coat. You can’t even tell it’s a girl’s coat. It’s been kind of warm here anyways.

And it was warm. Except for the other day. And now I’m here in the States…coatless…and freezing my tootsies and tushie off.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Picture caption: ‘I spit on your so-called mouse. Phooey. Now, buy me some real life varmints to chase. Do I look like an amateur?’—Angelia Sims


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