Ninja Cat Fools Dog

My days are now filled with Esme kitty and Ozzy puppy drama.

I think Esme finally realized that Ozzy is here to stay, so she’d better start showing him she’s the boss. That involves…

  • Taunting Ozzy while he’s in the crate.
  • Batting at Ozzy when he gets too close.
  • Sniffing Ozzy’s nose for leftover food crumbs.

But because Esme sleeps 20 hours out of the day, she also operates in Ninja Cat Mode. Ninja Cat Mode involves stealthily getting her Zzzzzs in while also also establishing that half of the bed is hers.

Unsuspecting Dog

The half of the bed that’s hers is that half that’s under the blankets.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I voted 10 times for you..does that mean I get 10 chocolates?”—BlissfulBritt

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