Pocahontas Fraternizes with Zombies

This Halloween Kiefer and I wanted our costumes to match. He was going to be an outlaw, and I was going to be a saloon girl.

Then I realized saloon girl costumes aren’t very flattering for my body shape. And Kiefer decided he didn’t like his outlaw costume.

So we decided on cowboys and indians to out the biggest conspiracy theory ever. It’s so secret you’ve probably never even heard of it.

Zombies inhabited the Wild West.

So we did cowboys and indians zombie style.

Except I had just gotten back from San Antonio, and I was too exhausted to do any zombie makeup. So I half-assed it by just wearing zombie contacts.

Which you can’t even see in this picture…. Fail….

Kiefer, Me, Elvis, Blarney

We also solved the mystery of Elvis: He’s totally alive.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Yessssss. And NOW… hack it into pieces.”—Sugardishme

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