One Little Puppy Jumping on the Bed

And the clouds parted and Kiefer said, “Let there be no cats on the bed….”

That worked out so well. Not.

So Kiefer tried again. In an extra stern voice, he proclaimed: “The puppy is only allowed on the children’s beds.”

Then it got cold outside. And to keep warm, Ozzy wanted to snuggle with his mommy. Only…she was in the adult bed.

After Kiefer let Ozzy out one morning around 6:00 AM, he made a break for Mommy, scaling the walls of the adult bed to cuddle…in the dead center of the bed.

Ozzy: The bottom corner of the bed is still available.

Kiefer: I feel like a third wheel. Where am I supposed to lay?

Thoughtsy: Consider this training for Ozzy sleeping with the boys.  Then they can be the ones to let him out at 6 in the morning, and we can sleep in.


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