The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Esme is still adjusting to Ozzy.

Days 1-5: Esme hides under the bed. She comes out only in extreme potty litter box emergencies. My little chunky monkey kitty dropped a few pounds from being too scared to eat.

Days 6-7: Esme begins cautiously exiting the bedroom and approaching Ozzy puppy. She runs away when he gets too close.

Days 8-10: Esme stands her ground when Ozzy approaches. He can’t chase her if she doesn’t run away.

Day 11: Esme hisses and bats at Ozzy.

Day 10: Esme realizes she inadvertently taught the puppy to bat at her.

Day 12-15: Esme just lays down when Ozzy tries to play with her, and he loses interest.

Day 16-62: Ozzy switches tactics and tries to jump on Esme. Esme resorts to the left-right-left-right paw bat.

Ozzy: What the heck does “Say Cheese!” mean?
Esme: Amateur…. Don’t look at the bright light. You won’t be able to see for the next 30 seconds and you’ll step on my tail. Oh wait…you do that anyways.

Day 67, 9:08:29 AM: Esme and Ozzy live in harmony. They’re just about to touch noses when…

Day 67, 9:08:31 AM: Pet friendship over.

Ozzy: Are you edible?
Esme: Step away from the throne!


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