Snakes Love Peanut Butter

Dogs love peanut butter. Mice love peanut butter. You know what else loves peanut butter? Snakes.

My dad sent me this picture. He found it in the garage.

This snake brings back some many memories. Like the time my mom said we didn’t have to go to church because a black snake (we named him “Charlie”) was sunning itself right outside our front door.

Or the time my little brother said he was walking to the bus stop to warn me about the snake he’d seen. Mom needed to stay in the house…where it was safe.

But the best snake encounter involved my cat Caramel. She lived to be 20 years old, and she died about 4 years ago. She was the best cat ever. Sorry, Esme, but she was.

Caramel was a Calico. She meowed…whenever you opened the refrigerator door when she saw you coming home from school all the time.

One day she was meowing a lot. Like a-lot-a-lot.  So I headed down to the basement to see what was wrong.

Once she had my attention, she kept sniffing a sneaker. She would not leave it alone.

Thoughtsy: You brought me down here to show me a shoe?

Caramel: Meow.

Thoughtsy: Caramel, leave it alone. It’s just a shoe.

Caramel: MEOW!

Thoughtsy: It’s just a shoe! See! (::picks up shoe, taps heel on ground, snake falls out::) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Then I swoped up Caramel (leave no cat behind) and ran screaming up the stairs. Cause that’s how I roll when it comes to snakes.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I discovered this Tim Burton – The Nightmare Before Easter Cadbury anomaly, and I deemed it very, very good.”—Angelia Sims


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37 responses to “Snakes Love Peanut Butter

  • Don't Quote Lily

    *Cringes* I would have had a mini heart attack seeing a snake fall out of a shoe! The snake in a mouse trap though, that looks much better. 😉

  • ryoko861

    I used to carry around snakes in my beach coat pocket when I was little. Not the poisonous ones or anything like that, just little garter snakes. Yeah, I was alittle weird.

  • Angelia Sims

    Ohhhhh!!! Me and snakes DON’T blend…at all. They make me really miss my cat who actually liked them. I didn’t mind our co-existence until I stepped on one in my hallway. IN MY HALLWAY. What are the odds I exit my room in the morning to step on a snake precisely at the time it is slithering along in my very shoeless path? They are evil I say! Good call on the run and ask questions later. LOL.

    Thanks for the comment love too. I really do love those eggs. Cadbury genius.

  • mistyslaws

    Aww, poor snake! Is he dead or just a little crushed? Your dad let him out into the wild after releasing him, right? 😉

    I take it you inherited your mom’s crushing fear of all things slithery, yes?

  • Heather @ SugarDish(Me)

    I wonder if spiders like peanut butter?

  • Chase McFadden

    Leave no cat behind. Loved that. Don’t love snakes so much.

  • Ginny

    This is why it’s good to have cats. But Jesus I would have screamed for days if that happened to me

  • bluzdude

    I’m always as happy as anyone to get out of going to church, but did you really only have one door? Or were y’all afraid the one at the front door had a friend guarding the back?

  • Christina

    Ugh!! Snakes are so……….yuck!! Glad you saved Caramel. Cats are very, very important.

  • cooper

    i agree with Mistyslaws…I hope the little guy wasn’t badly injured. He was just hungry and who doesn’t love peanut butter????

  • hiddinsight

    (In a hushed secretive type voice)…Don’t look now but I’m pretty sure a snake or something has been changing your “favorite comment from last post”… I’m pretty sure mine was your favorite but it got changed. Peanut butter on a chocolate bar will certainly fix this but you’ll have to be sneaky…

  • savesprinkles1234

    I will be thanking you and your father for my nightmares tonight!! ICK!!! I grew up with snakes all around my house. I once kicked a baby copperhead in my driveway. I didn’t have my contacts in and I thought it was a piece of rubber! Yuck!! Snakes are soooo yuck!!!

  • Kitten Thunder's Girl

    Poor snake. We had a rattler at my last office who tried to sneak in the door before it closed behind someone. Only got his head in before it slammed shut. A whole bunch of people went in the front door that day, waiting for someone who was willing to open the door and relocate the snake.

  • MissFourEyes

    Caramel was a good cat. My dog does this too, but she’s not exactly the brave type. She wants to go and scare the snake away, but she’s too scared of it herself. So she’ll just take two steps forward and two back, over and over until someone gets rid of the thing

  • sarah9188

    Instead of running, you could always just do what my grandfather does and shoot them with a gun. In his house. I am guessing the hole in the floor and the porch screen show that way to be a bit of overkill.

  • Choc Chip Uru

    Who says peanut butter is exclusive though? I just imagine a snake getting stuck trying to coil into a jar!

    Choc Chip Uru

  • joy2wrld

    I love snakes! I’m the neighborhood go to gal when it comes to getting snakes out of your house – bring it snakey!! That being said – I don’t necessarily like them surprising me….only if I know they’re there.

  • Lucy

    Shit, there is no way I am leaving my Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich unattended. Freak me out!

  • housewifedownunder

    Ugh, I hate snakes! I would totally freak out if I found one in my basement or garage or shoe or anywhere. When I first moved to Australia, it didn’t occur to me that there were a lot of snakes here. Like deadly poisonous ones. My husband and I were out clearing brush and weeds on the farm and he told me to watch out for snakes. When I found out later that he mean deadly brown snakes that have the most poisonous neurotoxin in the whole world and will actually chase you down, I could have killed him. I vowed never to go out there again without full anti-snake gear on.

  • Sara no "H"

    My husband and I were on the porch one day and watched 2 birds dive bomb a snake all the way to the pasture. It was priceless.

  • omawarisan

    Snakes need to recognize that if we wanted them inside we’d give them keys. I wouldn’t give a snake my key because they don’t have pockets to keep them in. That, and I hate them.

  • Vesta Vayne

    Oh I am right there with you, snakes are…well they’re snakes. Just thinking about them gives me the heebie jeebies.

  • leashieloo

    Wah, I feel traumatized! I haven’t really been around snakes in the wild or otherwise. Not a fan.

  • Jill Pinnella Corso

    Sounds like an awesome guardcat!

    Glad the worst creepers we have around here are slugs.

  • Leauxra

    Aww. I will admit, I kind of like the non-poisonous snakes. I once saw one eating a giant spider, and I decided snakes are awesome.

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    I love that, even in the face of snake-age, you nabbed your cat. That’s good people. ♥

  • Brittany

    I am SO glad you grabbed the puss with you before you ran away. No cat left behind til I die!

  • kaysfairytale

    Swoped is a really fantastic word. That’s exactly the the sound a cat makes when you pick it up. *swope*

  • The gal next door

    Yikees, is that for reals?. I hate snakes, grew up with tons crawling around. *shiver. there was one incident where I almost stepped on a cobra. Hated them then, hate them now.

    • 101cocoa

      i love snakes i have 3 pets one is a cobra one is a Burmese python and one is a ball python i also caught copperheads and stuff when i was little

  • zweetmacala

    I don’t like snakes. I just really have such a weird feeling about ’em. 😦

  • Barb

    What does your dad bait his snake traps with? Mice?

  • pegoleg


    I found an itty, bitty garden snake in our basement a few months ago. Our cat alerted me (good girl!) but didn’t actually DO anything to dispatch it. I reminded myself that we used to play with these all the time when I was a kid. This pep-talk helped overcome my “eek & eewww” tendencies so I was able to pick it up and take it outside.

  • mychaoticbubble

    Um that snake doesn’t look dead….is it dead? That’s a little bit funny catching a snake in a mouse trap hehe.
    We had a brown snake in our drive way once, I walked right past it and didn’t even see it even when it went me (my husband was yelling at me and I was like what?). We had to kill it because brown snakes are really poisonous and we have kids. My brothers’ dog got bitten on the head twice last weekend by a brown snake (that it picked up in his mouth silly staffy), they made it to the vet in 15-20 minutes just as his organs starting shutting down but he made lucky dog!

  • 101cocoa

    i am very late on posting this comment anyway i was walking to my friends house and i had a flash light it was dark i saw what i thought was a root and it was a copperhead i didn’t know it was a copper head at the time it was alive i had caught a ton of snakes before so i caught it took it to my friends he had a book on snakes which is where i found out there was a copperhead in my hand

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