The Revenge of Esme-Kitty Galore

The other night Ozzy puppy needed a potty break…at 2:30 in the morning.

When Kiefer returned to bed, he found Esme curled up with me. Half on my pillow, half on my head. She’s like a cat hat. She keeps my head warm so I don’t catch a cold.

This seat isn’t as comfy as your head, but…it’ll do.

Kiefer: Oh come on….

Esme used to sleep with me every night. Once I moved in with Kiefer, she started sleeping under the bed, which is sad.

Three months of kittyless sleep…. No way was I moving Esme off the bed.

Begrudgingly, Kiefer crawled into bed. Esme didn’t budge.

Kiefer moved a couple inches closer to Esme and I. Esme moved off of my head and moved to the far side of the pillow.

Kiefer inched ever closer. Esme jumped off the bed and returned to her usual spot beneath the bed.

Thoughtsy: Heeeeey…you did that on purpose!

Kiefer: Did not! Ok, maybe just a little.

Thoughtsy: Meanie….

That morning Kiefer had off work. When he called me while I was at work to rub it in that he was still lounging in bed, Esme made her move.

Kiefer: So how’s work….whoa! Esme just jumped up on the bed. Holy crap, she’s just staring at me. Now she’s walking towards me. She’s going to claw my eyes out!

Thoughtsy: Serves you right for kicking her out of bed.

Kiefer: Oh my god, she’s sitting on my chest! She’s going to kill me!

Thoughtsy: She’s not going to kill you…I just clipped her claws. She’ll only maim.

Kiefer: I just moved and she jumped off my chest. What the…. Now she’s curled up in my armpit…and she’s purring.

Thoughtsy: Awww…she loves you.

 Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Is 2-strapping related to the penis incident?”—Chase McFadden


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