Questions From the Baby Mama

When Kiefer suggested we (him and me—not you) start trying to have a baby, a lot of thoughts ran through my head after that conversation. A lot. For example…

  • Is this just an excuse for more sex?
  • Is he “being the girl” and trying to trap me in a relationship?
  • Will he start calling me his “baby mama?”
  • Will he feel like we don’t need to get married if we already have a child daughter together?

Obviously he must be a pod person because the real Kiefer is a commitment-phobe. Except…

Isn’t having a baby together a commitment?

So I started to think about the worst possible scenario: Kiefer and I have a baby, but things don’t work out between Kiefer and I.

The baby still has a good father. And at age 32, I was prepared to have a baby by myself via the turkey baster turbo-slut route, so I’m in the same situation I was expecting to be in anyways. Win-win for me.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “What if you managed to walk through the living room with a big chain saw turned on and you “accidentally” tripped over something you strategically placed just moments before, causing you to “accidentally” cut the whole thing in half just like that? Oops.”—Kim Pugliano


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