Questions From the Baby Mama

When Kiefer suggested we (him and me—not you) start trying to have a baby, a lot of thoughts ran through my head after that conversation. A lot. For example…

  • Is this just an excuse for more sex?
  • Is he “being the girl” and trying to trap me in a relationship?
  • Will he start calling me his “baby mama?”
  • Will he feel like we don’t need to get married if we already have a child daughter together?

Obviously he must be a pod person because the real Kiefer is a commitment-phobe. Except…

Isn’t having a baby together a commitment?

So I started to think about the worst possible scenario: Kiefer and I have a baby, but things don’t work out between Kiefer and I.

The baby still has a good father. And at age 32, I was prepared to have a baby by myself via the turkey baster turbo-slut route, so I’m in the same situation I was expecting to be in anyways. Win-win for me.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “What if you managed to walk through the living room with a big chain saw turned on and you “accidentally” tripped over something you strategically placed just moments before, causing you to “accidentally” cut the whole thing in half just like that? Oops.”—Kim Pugliano

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23 responses to “Questions From the Baby Mama

  • mistyslaws

    Something’s in the air. I JUST walked past a guy in the hall of the courthouse, talking on his phone, saying, “what, you broke up with me, what do you want me to do . . . cry? That’s just baby mama drama right there.”

  • Angelia Sims

    If I were to think like a guy…….which hurts my brain…..I’d definitely say it is a good excuse for sex. But really, I think being a baby Daddy is a HUGE commitment, more so than being married. 🙂 Thoughtsy for the win.

  • hiddinsight

    It’s all about the *trying* anyway. It can make you quite acrobatic if you want to do it juuuuuust right. All I’m saying is that I’ve heard that standing on your head afterwards increases your chances…of…strengthening muscles in your arms by like 100% when compared to those who don’t stand on their head at all after trying to conceive.

  • Vesta Vayne

    Well, he already has children, right? So that means he knows what he’s getting himself into. He wants a little Thoughtsy – I’d say that’s a mighty big commitment and a testament to how he feels about you!!

  • Heather @ SugarDish(Me)

    Soooo… I have the two boys, right? And with them I did everything I was supposed to… got married (even though I was young), tried like hell to make all the pieces work, and it just DIDN’T. They don’t see their dad. He isn’t interested in their lives. But their lives are GOOD. And there are lots of people that love them in it. We want a baby that’s ours (my boyfriend doesn’t have any children of his own) and we’re not married, and what I learned from the first go-round is that even if you do everything in the right order, you don’t always get the desired results. Kids ARE the biggest commitment you could ever make, and what’s most important is the person that enters into that commitment with you. And how Kiefer is with the kids he already has is a pretty good indication of how he’ll be. So yeah for you! Totally win-win.

  • Angela Noelle

    It’s definitely a huge commitment! I mean, you could get married, divorced and easily never have anything to do with one another ever again. But with a baby, you are connected forever–even if one parent isn’t involved, half of them went into that child. I think maybe he’s a little more ready to commit to you than he thinks 🙂

  • lindamedrano

    If he is willing to commit to being a baby daddy, I wonder what the hang up is over being a baby mama’s husband. Apparently, he takes good care of his boys, so I doubt he has trouble committing to kids, just to women. Weird.

  • Choc Chip Uru

    I can only guess how big of a commitment it will be but if Kiefer wants then he is willing to stay with you and commit to you for a long time – sweet 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  • joy2wrld

    Win – win! Big time. Good luck. Although the turbo-slut route does in fact sound sorta fun….said the lady married for 16 years to her first and only.

  • Laura

    Honestly, if “things don’t work out between Kiefer and you” is the worst scenario you can come up with, you haven’t seen enough evil-baby movies.

  • Queen Gen

    You think he might be trying to trap you, huh? You should tell him “I WANT to be here, so in your face.” That’ll teach him.

  • monicastangledweb

    Keifer sounds like a keeper. Wishing you both the best!

  • ryoko861

    “Turbo-slut route”? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that term used before.

  • bluzdude

    The guy had you move in with him and his kids, and now he wants a baby with you? I’d say he loves him some Thoughtsy. I think you’re good to go.

  • Betty

    There is nothing wrong with an excuse for more sex

  • Running from Hell with El

    Yep, Betty above is right–there is nothing wrong about more sex, or making excuses for more sex, or finding reasons for good sex. Um . . .

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