Giant Log Coffee Tables: For or Against?

Think about when you first moved in with your significant other. Or think about your boyfriend or girlfriend’s place.

There’s probably one decoration or piece of furniture you dislike despise. For me, that piece of furniture is this coffee table:

I hate this table.

I don’t know why. Maybe because it looks like a slice of wood. A tree died for that table, dang it! In a log cabin, this coffee table would be great. But not in suburbia my living room anywhere else.

Every time Ozzy puppy starts to chew on it, I only half-heartedly say, “Nu-uh, Ozzy, no bite.” It kills me to say that when all I really want to do is cheer Ozzy on: “GET IT, OZZY! CHEW THE CRAP OUT OF IT!”

I can’t wait till we move. Then I can shove it in the man cave. Or “lose it” in the move.

What do you think of Kiefer’s coffee table? Does someone you know have a piece of furniture you can’t stand?

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I feel like mailing Pop Tarts would cause them to shatter into 498748293875320.5 pieces upon arrival. They’re very crumbly.”—A White Unicorn


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