Back to the Future in Year 2015

About a year ago, Kiefer and I introduced Boo and Radley to Back to the Future, and now we’ve followed it up with Back to the Future II and III.

Did you know that Back to the Future II takes place in the year 2015?

I, for one, am incredibly happy to know that in just a few short years we’ll have powerlaces. Never again will I stop mid-jog to catch my breath tie my shoe.

Maybe we should rethink that one. Children will never know the joy of tying shoelaces together and then seeing someone fall flat on his face.

Here are a few other things you should prepare yourself for in 2015:

  • Flying cars. In addition to your driver’s license, you’ll need a pilot’s license. (Where we’re going…we won’t need roads.)
  • No lawyers in 2015. Consider yourself warned, Misty.
  • Jaws 19. Movies have a lot of catching up to do.
  • The Cubs will win the World Series.

Just keep swimming…Just keep swimming….

The most important thing I learned from Back to the Future II was that hoverboards don’t work on water.


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