Kiefer vs. Esme: The Battle Continues

Kiefer is allergic to cats. So, of course, Esme loves him. She loves him more than me, the giver of food and catnip.

In addition to their battle over the bed, Esme has also decided to claim Kiefer’s yoga mat as her own.

Oh. Did you need this to exercise? I’m “exercising” on it right now.

With Kiefer, Esme battles passive aggressively. I have absolutely no idea where she gets that from….

Passive aggressive is probably her best tactic because if Kiefer’s hand ever ended up like this, Esme would probably be out on her kitty behind.

But because I have a whore-cat, Kiefer’s hand will remain scratch-free.  Seriously. She loves guys and could care less about women.

Where did I go wrong? Maybe I should rethink wanting a daughter.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “What a bummer,you certainly can’t have a Chocolate Fudge Pop Tart to drown your sorrow, what to do? What to do? Oreos, double stuff Oreos will have to work, yeah, just suffer through with Oreos.”—Lucy’s Reality


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