I Spy With My Little Eye…A Mess!

Roommates. Can’t live with ’em (Blarney, you’re the exception.), but can’t afford to live without ’em.

Now that I’ve moved in with Kiefer, it’s safe to vent about my old roommates.

I’m not the cleaniest person ever, but I do consider myself tidy. I’m especially tidy when I’m sharing an area with others. That’s called “being considerate.”

My old roommates felt “being considerate” meant…

  • Leaving dishes in the sink for weeks. Even when the stagnant water in pots and pans began to reek.
  • Leaving pizza boxes (with pizza still in them) and bowls of mac and cheese (mac and cheese should never be wasted) out, so I had to clean them up before I used the kitchen.
  • Leaving a bag of stinky trash on the deck for 9 months (it’s probably still there).
  • Leaving Christmas wrap in the middle of the living room floor until April.
  • Leaving Halloween costumes on the living room floor for 7 months (Also probably still there).
  • Eating my Oreo truffles.

And let me show you the worst crime of all….

A Pop-Tart wrapper….

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Adult Muppets trump Muppet Babies, but Muppet Babies are better than no Muppets at all. This is a scientific fact.”—Carrie @ Cannabalistic Nerd


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