Make Yourself at Home

Moving into a small house with two boys was a bit traumatizing for Esme the cat.

She spent the first few days doing the following:

  • Following me around meowing (translation: Save me from the little children! Why are they so loud?).
  • Sneaking from room to room like a ninja to avoid Radley’s cuddling.
  • Hiding under the bed.

Finally, Radley decided to offer Esme a sleeping spot that was not under a bed where he couldn’t reach her.

I give you Chateau de la Cat.

Where is the elevator?

Despite a few layout issues like the bed being on the bottom floor and the scratching posts on the precariously balanced second floor, she loved it.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “That sounds like the worst party in the world. Unless it’s a live person singing the Barbra Streisand music and you can cover them in onion dip as punishment.”—Go Jules Go


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